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6 Things to Plant in April, from Colorful Perennials to Tasty Veggies

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We’ve planned, cleaned, and dreamed about spring and summer blooms — and now it’s finally time to take action! If you’re safe from frost, here’s what you should have on your planting list this month.

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Summer Bulbs

After the last expected spring frost, you should start planting your summer blooming bulbs and tubers. A mix of gladiolus, crocosmias, dahlias, canna lilies, elephant ears, lilies makes a knockout summer garden.

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April may be one of the last opportunities to plant lettuce for the year. Lettuce bolts, or goes to seed, when the temperature starts to rise, so it’s very important to plant it when it’s cool.

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Direct-Sow Cool-Weather Seeds

April is the best time to direct sow cool-weather seeds. These seeds thrive with a cooler weather head-start: sweet peas, larkspur, bachelor’s buttons, nigella, and dianthus.

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Snow or Snap Peas

You can plant the seeds directly in the ground through the middle of April, as long as the ground is still cool. Peas don’t do well in warm or hot temperatures. For a substantial output, you’ll need quite a few plants. 

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Pansies and Violas

April isn’t too late to plant these flowers. They perform well until temperatures get hot, so you will still have a significant amount of time with them. Fun fact: Pansies aren’t just pretty — they’re edible, too. Add them to salads or to top a cake.

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Hardy Perennials 

Check your local nursery for daylilies, delphinium, bleeding heart, and hellebores, which should be available as rooted plants.

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