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6 Things to Plant in May for a Colorful (and Tasty!) Garden All Summer Long


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If you’ve been waiting to plant your summer crop of flowers, fruits, and veggies, May is the month to do it. Most of the plants here can grow in both garden beds and containers, so you can find something that works for you.

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Warm-Season Annuals

These make great picks for small-space gardeners who only have a patio or balcony’s worth of space to work with. Here are some of our favorites: zinnias, begonias, marigolds, and petunias.

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The most important thing to remember when growing carrots is the quality of the soil. In order to produce a quality crop, the soil needs to be light, sandy, and free of any obstructions like rocks.

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Strawberries make great bedding plants, and they’re wonderful in containers too. Even if you live on the an apartment with a tiny patch of outdoor space, you can still grow strawberries.

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Ground Covers

Chances are you’ve already started planting your summer garden, and if you have any gaps in between my bedding plants, then ground covers are your solution. Try vinca minor, creeping thyme, and sedum stonecrop.

Sweet Corn

You can only sow sweet corn in your garden once all threats of frost are passed. Start sowing your seeds after the average temperature range is between 40͒ F overnight and 80-85͒ F during the day.

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Summer Bulbs

The end of May is generally the last chance you have to plant your summer-blooming bulbs. Here are some great picks: gladiolus, lilies, freesia, calla lilies, and elephant ears.