What to Plant in September, the Start of Fall Gardening Season


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Image Credit: Verena Joy/Shutterstock

As you enter the cooler month of September, it’s time to get in the last batches of edible greens for the year, and to plant ahead for next year.

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Plant peony roots in the fall for spring growth. They won’t bloom for a few years, but once they do, you’ll have gorgeous blooms for decades to come. 

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Cool-weather greens 

There are plenty of cool-weather greens that will be ready to harvest in less than 30 days, including: lettuce, spinach, kale, and arugula.

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If you’re looking for a veggie that matures in under four weeks, try radishes. They’re great in salads, and are also delicious baked or grilled.

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Cool-season annuals

Pansies, ornamental peppers, heather, and mums are great options if you want to bring more color to your fall garden—plus they’re on sale!