Pros Reveal the 11 Things They’d Never Pay for in Their Own Bathroom Remodel


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Your bathroom may be small, but undergoing a bathroom remodel can quickly turn into a big undertaking with the dollar signs piling on. We asked professional contractors & designers what high-cost changes aren’t worth it.


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Moving the vanity or toilet

Moving plumbing comes with a cost. It’s going to feel like a new space, so moving the toilet over 3 inches is an expense to skip.

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New stuff to replace perfectly good vintage fixtures

If you have an older home with a vintage tub or sink, don’t replace it. A good reglazing will make it look fresh.


Marble floors

It’s not worth the time and effort to constantly seal this tile. Instead you can get porcelain tile for a quarter of the price.

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Tile, tile everywhere

Keep the walls simple with a fresh coat of paint and open shelving that displays some nice towels, as well as having a beautiful mirror in place.


Quartz countertops

The big snag with this is not only the high price, but if you decide to change it up down the road, then you have to remove the stone and get a new sink.

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Heated floors

They usually require plumbing rerouting, and if you’re trying to keep your budget down this is something you can skip.


Permanent wallpaper

Paint your bathroom with peelable designs that you can easily remove if you want to refresh the look.

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Specialty glass or crazy-patterned tiles

If you want to add some personality to your tile, experiment with colored grout. It’s a great way to add some impact to the space without spending the money to lay a patterned tile.


Fancy lighting fixtures

It can be hard to get something that matches the rest of the plumbing fixtures and hardware. Go with can lights and set the mood with a dimmer switch.

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Steam showers

These can cost upwards of $22k so it’s another thing to skip.


The latest trend

For a bathroom that will stand the test of time, skip the latest trend—expensive or not. Instead, pick one item you love, and design around it.

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