Low, Medium, High: 10 Beautiful, Modern Copper Chandeliers

Low, Medium, High: 10 Beautiful, Modern Copper Chandeliers

Nancy Mitchell
Feb 27, 2017
Tom Dixon copper lamps in a dining room from Bolig.
(Image credit: Bolig)

Copper is definitely the metal of the moment. It always adds a little bit of warmth—and a touch of the unexpected—to any room. If you're looking to inject some of the rosy metal to your home in the form of a dramatic light fixture, look no further than these 10 beautiful, modern copper chandeliers.


A modern, geometric style at a nice price.

This retro style puts a funky twist on warm metals.

I love the simplicity and elegance of this three-bulb style.

The 11 arms give this lamp a sense of grandeur—it's like a traditional chandelier with just a tiny modern twist.

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This copper pendant by Tom Dixon also comes in a larger size for $735. Group them together (as seen up top as featured in Bolig) for an even more dramatic effect.

This chandelier would make a dramatic centerpiece for a modern dining room.

I love this modern, unconventional take on the chandelier. The longer shape would be great over an island or rectangular dining table.

The shape gives this a bit more of a traditional feel, but the shiny copper is very modern.

Five dangling etched pendants come together to create a very unique lighting experience.

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Price upon request

This chandelier from New Zealand makers Douglas and Bec is both simple and eye-catching. A brass version sells for $1,405 (in NZD), but if you want to know how much this copper one will set you back, you'll have to ask.

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