10 Signs You Might Be a Maximalist

"Less is more," said Mies van der Rohe. "Less is a bore," retorted Robert Venturi. Are you a minimalist, favoring clean lines and subdued colors? Or a maximalist, embracing intricate styles and bold colors and pattern upon pattern upon pattern? Here are 10 tell-tale signs you might fall into the latter camp.

Home of Jason Oliver Nixon, from New York Magazine.

1. Your favorite color is everything.

Spotted on Domaine Home.

2. You have a collection of collections.

Design by Madcap Cottage.

3. You've never met a pattern you didn't like.

4. You see a white wall as a missed opportunity.

Interior from Lonny.

5. You went to Versailles once and thought it was a little underwhelming.

House & Garden via AD Design File.

6. You worry less about whether things match than if they'll fit.

From Lonny.

7. You've ever added a disco ball to 'tone things down a bit'.

Ford Wheeler's home on The Selby.

8. You liked wallpaper before it was cool.

9. Your grandma goes looking for new stuff in your attic.

Spotted on Domaine Home.

10. Elton John once called your place 'a little over the top'.

11. Color and pattern make you inexpicably happy, and you don't care who knows it.

With many thanks to Dabney for the inspiration.

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(Image credits: Skona Hem; New York Magazine; Domaine Home; Madcap Cottage; New York Magazine; Lonny; Architectural Digest; Lonny; The Selby; Home Mtl; Domaine Home; Aunt Peaches)