10 "Somethings" Every Child's Room Should Have

Last week the majority agreed that sometimes modern spaces can be a little sparse, so we thought we'd go over a few basics that we think every room should have. Even a clean modern space can be warm and comfortable if all of the items on our list are found!

Check out our list below and see how your own children's rooms match up to these 10 "somethings" we think all spaces should have in them!

1. Something To Sleep On: We meant basic above, but the bed is the first place to start!

2. Something That Glows: Overhead lights can be so harsh, especially if you're trying to get little ones to sleep! A task light or lamp can bring much comfort and warmth. Even a flashlight to read under the covers with is a plus!

3. Something That Tells Time: Even if they can't tell time yet, it's still a good resource for parents. Or maybe you're a music person, the two can easily be combined!

4. Something To Snuggle With: For some it's a blanket, for others it's a stuffed animal (for me it was my She-Ra figurine) but a pal to keep you company is nice.

5. Something To Read: Even if you keep your main household library somewhere else in your dwelling, that doesn't mean there shouldn't be a few books in case naps are ended early or bedtime stories need to be read.

6. Something Handmade: Although this might not be at the top of everyone's list, a handmade item in a child's room is putting a bit of family right there with them. Don't forget to include things they make as well!

7. Something To Question: We aren't going to be the ones to tell you that you have to have artwork or sculpture in a children's space, but having something that intrigues them or has them curious about life, nature or the way something works is always a bonus.

8. Something To Take Pride In: It might be the pine wood derby car they made in Boy Scouts, a macaroni necklace they made, or a certificate of outstanding school attendance, but either way, having something they made themselves, won or achieved is a great thing to have.

9. Something With Color: Even if you love a totally monochromatic room (we do too!) there has to be some bit of color somewhere. A pillow, a throw, a mobile or even a rug, something to make the balance between cool and comforting and warm and bubbly exist!

10. Something They Chose: It's all too easy to get caught up in decorating a space for your tiny tots without any input. Try letting them pick out a few items and allow them to help create their own space, they'll be far more intuitive than you think though they might need a little adult guidance.

Do you agree with the "somethings" above? Is there one that should be added or subtracted from the list? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image: Ohdeedoh Room Tours)

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