5 Ideas for Sliding Mirror Closet Doors

5 Ideas for Sliding Mirror Closet Doors

Beth Zeigler
Jan 21, 2010

012110mirror-01.jpgNot all sliding mirror closet doors are created equal. For example, our new home is equipped with these sliding doors pictured above. While they're not awful, we definitely want to revamp them (or take them out altogether). Our 5 ideas for dealing with sliding mirror closet doors (and don't forget to weigh in with your suggestions after the jump)!

  • Apply vinyl decals like these or these to detract from the look of mirrored closet doors.
  • Privacy film or spray can give the mirrors an entirely different sheen and look. You can even create a design like Abby did here.
  • Hang a sheer curtain over the doors (again giving off a translucent image). The mirrors will still reflect light and give the space a more open feeling.
  • After removing the sliding doors, create height in the space by installing a hospital track right where the ceiling meets the wall and hang curtains to the floor.
  • Remove the doors to create an office nook inside your closet. Elfa shelving from The Container Store will get the space organized in no time.

    Apartment Therapy readers--what are your ideas for handling sliding mirror closet doors? Remove or revamp?

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    (Image: Beth Zeigler)

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