Beth Zeigler

11 Places to Get Moving Boxes Free of Charge
Never pay for cardboard again.
Sep 16, 2023
Prepping For The Movers
To save time (and money) we want moving day to go as smooth as possible. We’ve booked a recommended service by the hour so it’s super important for us to be prepped and ready to go once they arrive. Here are some of the things we plan on doing to ensure an efficient day–and don’t forget to let us know your helpful tips in the comments.Label boxes clearly We like to label our moving boxes on a top corner, and on the long and short side of each box.
Mar 21, 2022
Manners, Style and Occasions: Etiquette Books By Kate Spade
We’ve always been fascinated by the rules of etiquette. Maybe it was our families love of entertaining that led us to own five plus books social formalities. From handwritten notes to hostess gifts, we love following protocol. When we learned that Kate Spade had written her own rules on the subject, we hurried over to Amazon and purchased all three.
Jul 18, 2020
5 Ideas for Sliding Mirror Closet Doors
Not all sliding mirror closet doors are created equal. For example, our new home is equipped with mirrored sliding doors, and while they’re not awful, we definitely want to revamp them (or take them out altogether). Our 5 ideas for dealing with sliding mirror closet doors (and don’t forget to weigh in with your suggestions). Apply vinyl decals like these or these to distract from the look of mirrored closet doors.
Jul 18, 2020
5 Ideas For Dividing Up A Small Living Room
We have big dreams for our new living room that include; dividing it up to make room for a pedestal table with chairs next to the faux fireplace. A reading/eating nook is just the thing that will cozy up our space and make our house feel like a home. And although we plan on making our dreams a reality, our challenge is making it all work in a small space.Rugs We plan on using a rectangular rug underneath the couch and a smaller rug (perhaps circular shape) paired with the pedestal table.
Mar 11, 2020
6 DIY Kitchen Islands
image:6de690eee0a337426e40abbd63054691d6b9b63c w:540 s:"fit" class_name:"mt-image-center" show_pin_button:"true" show_image_credits:"true" We’ve said it before, the prep space in our kitchen is minimal to say the least. One of the first purchases we’re making this weekend will be a kitchen island which will make cooking time (if you can call it that) so much easier. And even though we’ve got our eye on this guy from Target, we also wanted to check out the DIY options out there.
Dec 16, 2019
How To: Organize A Bulletin Board
Right now, we’re looking at our blank bulletin board. It has one final step (a coat of white spray paint) before its ready to go back in our office. It used to be covered in fabric from IKEA (a busy pattern) but we wanted to go with simpler look for 2009. The previous bits of information on the bulletin board happened to be quite cluttered as well. Everything from inspirational tear-out pages from design magazines to a spare set of car keys were scattered about on our bulletin board.
Jun 19, 2019
Couroc: A Collector’s Item
We were back east this summer when our grandparents moved into smaller living quarters. We were allowed to have items that were considered extraneous and knew exactly what to call our own–this vintage Courac Tray. We had no idea it was a collector’s item until yesterday… Pardon My VintageWhen we were in Santa Monica yesterday having lunch with a friend, we wandered into Poolside, a vintage store carrying a tray similar to our newly acquired tray from grandma’s house.
May 9, 2019
Recessed Lighting: How To Change The Bulb
Yesterday, our friend Abbey posted this pic on her Facebook page along with the following text, “I need help changing this light bulb. Seriously. Anyone?” She went on to explain“It doesn’t pull out, there’s no way (that I can figure out) to get the bulb through the fixture, it’s totally attached to the ceiling…????” We can totally empathize with Abbey and her frustration with home repairs.
May 8, 2019
How To Heat Up The Water at Home
One of our home indulgences–taking scalding hot showers (especially when the temps drop outside). So you can imagine our frustration when we jumped in the shower after a long day of moving only to discover lukewarm water. A quick email to our handyman delivered a quick and easy how to for this problem.1. Locate your hot water heater. At our old apartment, our hot water heater was underneath the house (that only the landlord had the key to unlock).
May 8, 2019
How To Clean An Old Frame
Since we haven’t gotten around to hanging any of our artwork in our new apartment, we’re literally tripping over everything. For example, this frame used to hold an antique print–but it fell and broke. After we took it apart and removed the broken glass, we took the opportunity to clean up the very old frame.Ingredients [OR] MaterialsMild dishwashing soapWhite VinegarWood Oil ToolsToothbrushQ-tipsSoft cloth 1. Wipe any dust and dirt off of your frame with a clean, soft cloth.2.
May 8, 2019
House Tour: Dave and Shyla’s Eclectic Loft at The Brewery
Name: Dave Lefner, artist and Shyla Marlin, actress and writer Location: The Brewery Art Colony in Downtown LASize: 2,000 sq. ft. Years lived in: 8 years >> We have to admit, when we walked into Dave and Shyla’s downtown pad, we felt like we were walking onto the set of “BIG”. The huge loft is a mixture of eclectic fun (and like their friends claim–we could have stayed all day looking at everything).
Apr 17, 2019
House Tour: Sherry and Miguel’s Marvimon House
Name: Sherry and Miguel, owners of MarvimonLocation: Chinatown/Elysian parkSize: 3,500 sq. feet (interior) + 2,500 sq. feet (vertical courtyard)Years lived in: 3 years >> Walking into Sherry and Miguel’s home is quite the experience. Quite larger than most AT House Tours, they manage to make the space feel warm and cozy, despite its enormous size. It turns out that the space was once an automobile showroom displaying Italian cars in the 1920s.
Apr 16, 2019
Just Say No To Owner’s Manuals
Most of our clients hold onto paperwork they think they’ll need someday. Usually those pieces of paper come in the form of owner’s manuals stuffed into filing cabinets. We didn’t realize that pretty much everyone holds onto these cumbersome guides until we held our organizing bootcamp last weekend. We’ve come up with a couple of solutions on how to handle the paper load after the jump.
Feb 20, 2019
Scott & Jessica Merge Their Styles With Ease
Name: Jessica & Scott O’BrienLocation: Robertson / Pico area — Los Angeles, CaliforniaSize: 750 square feetYears lived in: 3 years — rented From my own experience, moving in with your significant other can be tricky, especially if your decorating tastes are not aligned (we’re polar opposites). But what I absolutely loved about Scott and Jessica’s home is how they seamlessly managed to display one another’s interests through the decor.
Oct 20, 2010
Cameron & Matt’s Bright and Chic Modern
Name: Cameron Saless & Matthew AllardLocation: West Hollywood, CaliforniaSize: 1,600 square feetYears lived in: One year We vividly remember the day when we were forwarded pics of Matt and Cameron’s home. We were in the midst of a frenzied loop of Facebook, GoFugYourself and Dlisted, when we immediately stopped what we were doing. Our eyes were drawn to the blend of beautiful modern pieces mixed with playful colors and a cozy touch that can’t be beat.
May 26, 2010
Annie’s Earthy Nest In Echo Park
Name: Annie RocchioLocation: Echo ParkSize: 700 square feetYears lived in: 10 months We were thrilled to find out that Annie lived in our backyard of Echo Park (making this House Tour right around the corner). As we strolled up to her complex, we instantly felt like we were in Palm Springs, 1962. Thanks to the management company that owns Annie’s building, they overhauled it, taking it back in time (but in the best way possible).
Apr 2, 2010
Making The Bed: Pillowcase Ends Facing Inside Or Out?
Traveling back to LA last week from our road trip out of town, we took advantage of the hotel’s free newspaper service. We attempted the crossword puzzle, perused the business section and finally, read Dear Abby. In this particular article, a husband writes in wanting Abby to solve a debate between him and the wife. The couple is at odds with pillowcase end placement on their king size bed.
Jul 29, 2009
Look!: Alexis’ DIY Spice Rack
We were having girls night at our friend Alexis’ house last week when we spotted her DIY version of a spice rack. Her kitchen occupies quite a small space, not to mention her husband is a chef (meaning they have every spice and cooking utensil known to man). Since they were out of space but needed a handy spice rack, Alexis to matters into her own hands.Picking up a handful of drawer dividers from The Container Store, Alexis went to town.
Mar 6, 2009
Forgetting Items When You Leave The House?
At a networking meeting yesterday, the speaker forgot their notes for the presentation she was about to give. We immediately felt the stress and anxiety they were feeling (in the past we’ve been known to forget a thing or two). We’ve come up with our own systems to keep us from experiencing another disaster after the jump. We recommend these nifty organizers to friends and clients. It’s the last place you’ll see before exiting the house (and a great reminder).
Feb 19, 2009
How To: Find A Lost Object
When we were growing up, a certain someone (we’ll call her “mom”) used to blame us on a consistent basis for losing her items. The truth is that she would usually find the particular misplaced item (which she had lost). While we may have been responsible for some of those items that went missing during our childhood (those times were few and far between). What is frustrating is losing items–period.
Dec 5, 2008
How To: Politely Get Guests To Leave
We’ve all been there before–hosting a party and for one reason or another, strangers are the only ones left. Or worse, our friends keep starting new conversations (even though they know we have a 7am wake up call) but are still partying like it’s New Year’s Eve. Don’t get us wrong, we’re pretty sure we’ve overstayed our welcome a few times.
Nov 21, 2008
How To: Remember If You’ve Turned the Stove Off
We might just be the most paranoid person when it comes to remembering whether or not we’ve turned off the stove, heater, iron, etc. We will spare the really embarrassing story of calling the fire department when we thought our oven was on fire (and it definitely wasn’t). But all humiliating stories aside, we always fret once we leave the house that we’ve left some hot appliance on and our house will surely turn into a fiery inferno and not be there when we return.
Nov 7, 2008