Prepping For The Movers

Prepping For The Movers

Beth Zeigler
Jan 7, 2010

010710move-01.jpgThe last time we moved, we swore we'd never do it again--alone. So this time, we're hiring movers for our trek across town and rounding up tips and helpful hints to make the big day run as smooth as possible.

To save time (and money) we want moving day to go as smooth as possible. We've booked a recommended service by the hour so it's super important for us to be prepped and ready to go once they arrive. Here are some of the things we plan on doing to ensure an efficient day--and don't forget to let us know your helpful tips in the comments.

  • Label boxes clearly We like to label our moving boxes on a top corner, and on the long and short side of each box. In addition to labeling numbers on each box, we'll also write if the contents are fragile and also what room the box should end up in. The numbers correspond to a sheet which lists each box by number, contents and again, what room the box will end up in. By numbering each box, it ensures that they're all accounted for.
  • Transport hard to box items yourself We plan on moving artwork, a flat screen TV, lamps, plants and super fragile items a day or so before the actual moving day. That way, the movers will only have to take boxed up items and large furniture. This tip won't help if you're moving long distances but if you're moving around the corner (like us) it will save tons of time the day of.
  • Group items in a central location If you've got the space, start moving packed boxes to the living room or another main common area. Make sure to separate fragile boxes from the rest so they won't get packed on the bottom. Again, the more you can prep and have ready for the day of the move, the better.
  • Use your own suitcases to move clothes Put your suitcases to use to store clothes from your dresser drawers. If the suitcase is large enough, you can also transport clothes from the closet still on their hanger. Using your own suitcases will also save you money by not having to buy wardrobe boxes which can get expensive.
  • Disassemble furniture beforehand We're going to take apart our bed (even if it means sleeping on the couch for one night. Who knows how long it will take and we'd rather not be fumbling with it when the movers arrive.
  • Put the animals away Plan on boarding your pets or having them stay with a friend if possible. If neither are an option, seclude your pet in a spare room with drinking water and essentials.

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