(Image credit: Vogue)

The first object you'd save in a fire is your label maker. In your fridge, we'd find no fewer than five plastic bins designed exclusively to contain eggs, wine and soda cans. And let me guess: Your favorite character on Friends is Monica Gellar. If that sounds like you, you're likely to love these folding techniques.

A skilled fold can not only save space, it can also save your clothes from premature wear and tear. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these animated GIFs are each worth at least a few million. Watch and easily learn.

Above: A long-sleeve shirt folding technique from the minimalist queen herself, Marie Kondo, in an article on Vogue.

(Image credit: Vogue)

Another Marie Kondo method from the same Vogue piece, this time for jeans.

(Image credit: Buzzfeed)

A brilliant button-down strategy from Buzzfeed that uses a common household object: a magazine.

(Image credit: The Huffington Post)

Yes it's possible to safely hang a soft sweater without stretching it out. The Huffington Post shows us how.

(Image credit: Cosmopolitan)

The most efficient, space-saving way to fold underwear, from a packing hacks post on Cosmopolitan.

(Image credit: amir2016/Reddit)

An impressively tidy solution to the sock folding problem, posted to the /r/gifs subreddit on Reddit.

And finally, a blink-and-you'll miss it technique from Handimania for perfectly folding a simple t-shirt in 10 seconds. You might need to practice this one a bunch, but it'll be worth it when you become a laundry master.