A Better Bedside: 10 Idea-Sparking Nightstand Makeovers

Whether you're on the hunt for a new-to-you set of nightstands or you're just sick of looking at the ones you've currently got, these ten nightstand makeovers are proof there are lots of ideas you can try to improve the look of your bedside table.

1. Paint them white
Michelle took a pair of heavy, outdated nightstands and brightened and lightened with a coat of white paint and new handles. Before & After: Michelle's Lightened & Refreshed Nightstands.

2. Up the contrast
Laura turned a plain vintage nightstand into a stylish and contemporary new look with a contrasting paint job of wood and white. Before & After: Laura's Refreshed Nightstand.

3. Add wood for texture
Using wood pieces from a discarded trellis found in her garden, Taryn added texture and style to her small bedside table. Before & After: Plain Jane Nightstand Gets a Reclaimed Wood Makeover.

4. Get bold with blue
Looking for inspiration to add some interest to a tired pair of nightstands? A bold blue paint color is never a bad idea! Before & After: Nightstand Nightmare No More.

5. Get geometric
It doesn't take a ton of paint to make a huge difference on an old nightstand, especially when you add a modern geometric pattern for a punch to a bedside table. Before & After: A Nightstand's Nod to Geometry.

6. Pattern forgives a lot
Speaking of pattern, adding pattern and paint to just about any piece of furniture works a lot of magic, even on really old pieces of furniture that don't match your style in any conceivable way. Before & After: A 40-Year-Old Nightstand Gets A Youthful New Look.

7. You can turn just about anything into a quality nightstand
Go shopping around your house. Got a piece of furniture you don't particular love that could use a makeover and a new home? This piece is proof paint can be persuasive: Before & After: Sad Thrift Store TV Cart Turned Pretty Bedside Table.

8. And no one said you can't make a dresser a nightstand if you need the storage
Just hack it good to give it the special treatment and it'll better your bedside in no time. Before & After: IKEA Rast to Nailhead Bedside Table.

9. Add fabric for softness and pattern
Got an old-fashioned furniture piece you want to bring into the present day? Add some of your favorite fabric to it to up its interest. Before & After: Nightstand Gets a Colorful Makeover.

10. Not sure what to do? Add stripes and cute handles
Whether the paint's bold colors or neutrals and the handles minimal or ornate, the addition of these two elements will certainly breathe fresh new life into a nightstand. Before & After: Danielle Gets a New Nightstand.

(Image credits: Michelle Turchini; Michelle Turchini; Laura Montgomery; Design, Dining and Diapers; Reeves; Reeves; Rita Killilea; Belle Maison via Better Homes and Gardens; The Abundant Abode; Leslie at The Homeless Finch; Danielle Pearce)