Top 10 Shower Organizers
Christine Lu
Feb 16, 2015
(Image credit: Nicole Crowder)

The best shower organizer is the one that works best for you and your needs. Depending on the size and type of your shower, your bathroom, what your daily regimen is and how many products you have, some of these will work better for you than others.

1. Simple Human Flip and Fit Shower Caddy: This shower caddy is sleek and modern, with two upper shelves that are adjustable horizontally and vertically, which means you can adjust according to your bottle sizes.

2. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel 3-Tier Shower Caddy 2.0: The 3 Tier’s X-shaped suction cups helps the caddy stay locked in place and it provides plenty of shelves for all of your stuff. You can use the hooks for loofas or washcloths, and there are two holes in the bottom to place bottles upside down.

3. Double Corner Shower Caddy: If you are tired of hanging shower caddies over your shower head, try mounting it on the wall, instead. I love that the top layer is a shelf (that lifts out for cleaning) and that it includes a rail that you can hang washcloths and loofahs.

4. Kohler Large Shower Basket: If you want another wall-mount option, consider a large shower basket for the corner of your shower. This one is large enough to hold all your basics, and the stainless steel material is sturdy and ensures a rust-free caddy.

5. SimpleHuman Tension Rod: Tension poles are also an option and will fit in almost any shower. This one allows you to adjust all three shelves and hanger to different heights using a flip-lock method.

6. Teak Shower Organizer: Teak wood is naturally water resistant and will not corrode over time. It's handcrafted, made to last, and would look gorgeous in the shower.

7. Space Saving Mesh 6-Pocket Shower Organizer: This is the shower organizer for you if you are looking for the best organizer under $10 that won't take up too much space. It has three large and three small mesh pockets to hold water without collecting water, and the larger pockets have a hole in the bottom, so you can store your bottles upside down and don't need to remove the bottle to squeeze out shampoo or liquid soap. It also will easily hang from your existing shower curtain rings.

8. Platinum Elfa Bath Door and Wall Rack Solution: If you want a storage option outside of the shower, make use of that vertical space on a wall or door. This door and wall rack should store all of your bathroom needs, and allows you to remove one of the baskets to take to another area.

9. Overdoor Shower Caddy: If you have a shower with a door and want the option of hanging the organizer on your door instead of over your shower head, try this one.

10. Teak Bathtub Caddy: So this is not officially a shower organizer, but it is a sort of bath organizer, so it counts! Plus, it will help you relax in the tub, so bonus points. This caddy is water resistant, adjustable, and will hold anything from your soap, washcloth, razor, cup, and iPad.

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