The Ultra-Stylish Bathroom Organizer That Transforms Tight Spaces Into Extra Storage (Hurry: It’s Selling Out Fast!)

updated Mar 30, 2023
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When you live in a small apartment, it’s easy to come to embrace a minimalist aesthetic. Clean lines, mirrors, and subdued colors have the power to make a room feel less cramped and cluttered. But that’s just the aesthetic aspect. Actually changing your lifestyle to become a minimalist is much easier said than done and, frankly, not all that appealing. I barely have any more closet space for new clothes or cabinet space for more groceries, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up thrift stores and Trader Joe’s anytime soon. It just means some craftiness is in order. These kinds of situations usually call for a good organizer, be it a new hanger system, an under-sink shelf riser, or some storage bins. Thankfully, a recent product we came across on Wayfair marries a minimalist design with ample storage space, resulting in an organizer that’s both elegant and functional. But you’ll want to buy the Senna freestanding bathroom shelves now because there’s no telling when they’ll be gone for good.

For just $47 (normally $64.99), this freestanding shelf system significantly increases the space you have in your bathroom for storing toiletries, cosmetics, towels, toilet paper, and just about anything else you need. You could technically place it in whichever room you want (it’ll look great anywhere), but the shelves are narrow enough to fit into tight spaces you’d usually find in the bathroom. Slide the 10-inch-wide organizer between the toilet and shower, or perhaps in an unused corner. The piece uses vertical space to its advantage and won’t stick out obtrusively, even in the tiniest bathrooms. You get three 10″ by 8″ by 5″ uncovered caddies, so you don’t have to worry about placing anything too tall inside of them. Their depth makes it easy to stack items on top of each other, too.

The freestanding shelves have predominantly positive ratings on Wayfair, which comes as no surprise. “This shelf brought a lots of order (to) my bathroom,” one reviewer wrote. “It’s a great piece to have right next to your bathtub to keep all of the shampoos and scrub sets.” Others noted that it’s easy to assemble and keep clean, not to mention impressively sturdy. You could even get away with placing the shelf system on your counter to keep makeup and skincare items organized and within reach. Basically, if you have a weird block of space that seems to small to use, this product is your best bet for optimizing it.

Buy: Senna Freestanding Bathroom Shelves, $47 (normally $64.99)