Stow Away Your Accessories in Style With These Purse Storage Ideas

updated May 19, 2023
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If your purses typically end up on your dining table or strewn on the floor, it might be time to level up your purse organization! Whether you have just a few purses or 100, knowing how to keep them properly organized will extend their life, which will actually save you money in the long run if your bags are investment items. Luckily, purse storage ideas just keep getting more creative, and there are a variety of ways to take care of your most prized possessions and enhance your closet organization at the same time. 

How Can I Protect My Purses While They’re Stored?

Depending if you decide to keep your purses safe and tucked away or out on display, you have a few options for keeping them protected. For purses being stored in baskets or storage cubes, dust bags are a good way to keep out dust and pests. Purses on shelves or hung up in closets could use a good wipe down every so often, and if you’d really like to protect them, clear display cases are available specifically for this purpose and are great for showing your style without sacrificing your bag’s quality.

But no matter how you store them, it’s also important to find a way to maintain your purses’ shape. You’ll need something to stuff inside of its interior so it doesn’t droop or crease. Placing special pillow inserts or even a folded towel can prevent your handbags from becoming shapeless over time. 

Up ahead you’ll find some of our favorite purse organization ideas, from over-the-door hooks and acrylic dividers to glass-door cabinets. Discover the multiple ways there are to stow and store all of your favorite handbags.

1. Add a purse cabinet.

For the ultimate in luxe purse storage, try adding a cabinet to your closet space. It doesn’t have to be quite as big as the one shown above; any cabinet will do, really. But a glass-front cabinet makes a great purse storage option since it keeps your bags protected but makes it simple to grab the one you want each day. 

2. Purchase special purse hooks.

Similar to what @held_together_dfw has in the closet, you can purchase purse hooks on Amazon that will help you keep your favorite bags on full display. Hooks are nice since you can space them as close or as far as you’d like. 

3. Use a hanging purse organizer.

These hanging purse organizers from Amazon and shown above are a genius way to add some purse organization to your closet. Made with PVC plastic, they’re see-through so you can easily choose your purse du jour, but they provide just the right amount of protection for your favorite bags. 

4. Store purses with door hooks.

Doors can come in handy, especially if you don’t have extra room in your closet for purse storage. This set up from luxury organizer and closet designer Ashley Jones Hatcher shows how easy it is to make extra space without needing to build out bulky shelves by using door hooks.

5. Use over-the-door wire baskets.

Lauren of Wellesley & King shows another example of just how useful doors can be when it comes to purse storage. These wire racks hang all the way down the door which gives plenty of extra space for tucking away your favorite purses. This isn’t just reserved for accessories in your closet though; this method can be used in a variety of other spaces around your home.

6. Work in acrylic dividers.

Clear acrylic dividers can keep your purses evenly spaced out on a shelf and prevent them from being shoved in the back of a closet shelf. This image from Teresa Dinneen shows how quickly these racks can clean up and maintain tidiness with little effort.

Credit: Target

7. Stack your bags vertically.

For small to mid-size purses, a six-section organizer will do the trick. You’ll even be able to fit mini clutches and smaller handbags in one cubby together to free up more space.

8. Make more space with clothing organizers.

The photo here shows sweaters, but shelf dividers can brilliantly double as purse storage.  These translucent ones from The Container Store have a nice, minimal aspect, and a valet hook on the end (that can also hold more purses).

9. Use purse storage bins.

Another way to organize purses and keep them from flopping all over each other is with a purse storage bin. It keeps things upright and tidy, and of course, you can use multiple bins if needed to house your collection.

10. Mount a hanging bar to the wall.

If your closet is just plain full, it may be time to look for purse storage outside the closet. The easiest way? Hooks. This Urban Outfitters seashell hook’s design makes it perfect for holding the handles of a bag, and as a bonus, it looks pretty, too (hook no longer available).

11. Divide and conquer.

Storing shoes next to purses might sound like an odd method of organization, but Sophie from Sophisticated Organization proves how flawlessly it works. You can maximize storage by allowing different types of accessories to share spaces, like a divided shelf or hanging organizer and the end result still looks impeccably tidy.

12. Store purses in baskets.

Something as simple as hard plastic storage baskets, like seen here from Emma Greenberg, make organizing your bags and clutches easy. Bags that don’t have a stiff structure can be lined up and hidden out of sight.

13. Dedicate a wall to purse storage.

This fun organization grid shot by Stacey and Ashlee of The Go 2 Girls LA doubles as a statement wall. If your handbags are something you’d like to draw attention to, this is a fabulous method that also encourages you to pare down and be intentional with your collection.

Credit: Lisa Jacobs

14. Elevate purse storage with wire baskets.

Wire baskets offer a sharp way to keep things contained. Place your smaller clutches and wallets in these and use leftover space for other purses like seen in this photo from Lisa Jacobs of Imagine It Done. She recommends showcasing your purses rather than keeping them hidden away. “Remove those dust bags and display your favorite handbags. Stuff with the silky inserts like those from Fabrinique and separate with acrylic shelf dividers,” she says.

15. Test alternate storage locations.

Closets aren’t the only spaces you can use for storing purses. Mudrooms or front entryways like seen in this eclectic home offer a refreshing and stylish option for storing a handful of purses.

Credit: Holly Blakey

16. Style pull-out linen drawers.

The soft linen baskets up above that Holly Blakey from Breathing Room Organization chose provide an almost camouflaged form of storage. It’s enough to keep them up and out of the way, but still slightly visible so you don’t forget where you’ve put them.

Credit: Minette Hand

17. Use overlooked spaces.

The side of a closet or storage unit is a sneaky and clever way to make more purse storage in a small space. The renters of this cozy Brooklyn apartment used hooks to stack purses all down the side of their closet unit.

18. Utilize hooks and shoe racks.

Placing your prettiest purses make for statement decor and give you your top options before you run out the door. Similarly to this chic Los Angeles home, you can play with levels and different storage options to get a look and form of organization you love.

Re-edited from a post originally published January 3, 2017.