Before & After: Mid-Century Inspired Dresser Knobs from Mason Jar Lids

I recently purchased one of these RE dressers on sale at Target, and after 2 days of putting it together, it was crying out to me for some kind of bold hardware. Not wanting to spend a lot on 6 knobs but still wanting something with some mid-century flare, I came up with an idea: mason jar lids.

I remembered as a kid occasionally watching a show called Family Affair. Remember Uncle Bill and Mr. French? They lived in a high rise in Manhattan and had the most fabulous, circular doorknob backplates on their front door. So that was my inspiration.

I scuffed the mason jar dome lids ($5 for a box of 12) with fine sandpaper, drilled holes with a forstner bit, and spray painted them silver. Then it was just a matter of slipping them behind $2 knobs.

I love how the shape of the lid makes them look like they're recessed into the drawer face a little bit. Not bad for 17 bucks!

(Images: Katie Steuernagle)