Before & After: Olga Brings
Her Passion for Pallets Home

Mango & Tomato

When most people see wood pallets they think only of garbage or maybe even kindling. When Olga saw the pallet pictured above she saw possibility. She lugged the pallet home and set about finding a way to use it. After it sat in a corner for a month, Olga finally gave the pallet new life.

The cracks, knots and other markings on the pallet were part of what Olga loved about it. So when it came time to make use of the pallet in her home, Olga didn't want to change the character of it too much. Rather than paint the pallet, Olga sanded and applied a stain to it, allowing the knots and other imperfections to show through the finish.

Once the stain on the pallet had dried, Olga nailed a piece of plywood to the bottom. This would allow her to use the inside of a pallet as a shelf. With plywood in place, Olga then added red casters to the bottom of the pallet — and a new coffee table was born!

Check out the full project on Olga's blog — Mango & Tomato: DIY: Make Your Own Pallet Coffee Table.

(Images: Olga/Mango & Tomato)