(Image credit: Kristen)

Kristen called her guest room, "an eyesore," and tells us that when the sun shone on this yellow wall it was the equivalent of a neon sign. Yikes! So she found a way to ditch the yellow while adding some architectural charm worthy of her 100-year-old home.

(Image credit: Kristen)

Wow! Kristen was able to easily and inexpensively create this faux board & batten panneling . And we especially love the touch of dark grey contrast which highlights that textured wall even more.

From Kristen:

We used inexpensive 1/4" mdf (medium density fiberboard) cut into strips to create a grid-work shaker style paneling on the walls. With a bit of manual labor and a lot of filling and painting, we were left with gorgeous trim that looks like its been in the home for 100 years.

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Thank you Kristen!