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5 Things Your Real Estate Broker Won’t Tell You
House hunting? You probably need a broker to help with your search. A great broker can find you a place to live but also sometimes winds up acting as your best friend, your mom, and your therapist all in one. For a successful end result, you really want to make this complex relationship work; we’ll let you in on what your broker might really be thinking… When you’re a broker there are no guarantees.
Nov 20, 2018
Signs You’re Doing Decorating Right (Even When You Don’t Think So)
No matter how confident you are about your decorating chops, there will always be times when you doubt your decisions. Especially when you are facing big purchases or more permanent-seeming changes, it’s nice to reflect upon how well you’ve actually done creating a home that you are happy with. Think through the following prompts for an instant boost to your decorating self-esteem… If entering your house gives you a little lift, then you’re doing something right.
Sep 25, 2015
Use Your Lifelines: Shopping Helpers Inspired By Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
It was a game show in the ’90’s, but these lifelines can really work anytime. After a recent re-watch of Slumdog Millionaire (holds up!), I started remembering a few of the ins and outs of this gameshow. Turns out, all the lifelines they offered contestants to help them field trivia questions work in real-life situations too, especially when it comes to the one major area where we face tough choices every day: shopping.
Sep 24, 2015
3 Renegade Ways to Shake Up Your Home and Hone Your True Style (Without Spending a Dime)
You’re sick and tired of looking at the same old, same old, but it’s all you can seem to see. You’ve surfed and pinned until your fingers bled, but you can never seem to translate those ideas into real-life change. Never fear. These three steps require you to get off the couch and take some action. Doing this stuff will get you going, we promise.
Sep 24, 2015
How To Help Your Kid Decorate His or Her First Apartment
Is your baby moving out? If you are channeling your existential emptiness into the project of helping to decorate his or her new space, then there are a few guidelines to keep in mind so you’re helpful and involved, but not TOO involved. Chances are you have some duplicates hanging around the house that you could unload for a good cause. Silverware, kitchen tools, small appliances, sheet sets — anyone starting from scratch will be happy for these hand-me-downs to get them going.
Sep 24, 2015
The Invisible Things Around the House That Are Worth Spending Money On
These are not your sexy showstopper purchases. In fact, no one (except you) will probably even know these things exist. But that’s okay. Your life will be miles better if you spend some bucks on this stuff. Money spent on setting your space up for organizational success will never be wasted. What these helpers costs in cash (which, ahem, can be very little if you recognize the simple power of a recycled shoebox), it will make up for over and over in time saved.
Sep 23, 2015
5 Smart Home Gadgets You’re Not Using (But Should Be!)
I love finding new things to solve annoying problems at home and these savvy gadgets do just that. Some are electronic, some are about as low-tech as you can get but all are useful. Do you wait for full minutes with your hand in the shower, just waiting for the water to warm up enough to step inside? This little gadget will let you step away.
Sep 22, 2015
How to Decorate Around a Piece With Lots of Patina
There are certain pieces of furniture or decor that have history. On a good day, you might call their particular style vintage or shabby chic; on a bad day, it’s just plain dilapidated. Pieces full of patina can be super special and look great, especially if they’re included with just the right touch. Here’s how to make your own pieces stand out in a good way. You’ve chosen not to redo this piece so celebrate it in all it’s worn-in glory. In other words, own it!
Sep 19, 2015
The House Hunting Trick That Might Just Turn Everything Around (Literally)
If you’re seeing house after house without feeling something click, then here’s a little tidbit. You have so much weighing going on in your mind that you may fail to remember this super simple truth that could really make a difference. You have your list of must-haves and you have your really-wants but don’t let this one thing stop you from pouncing on a home that might just be perfect for you.
Sep 19, 2015
Think You Have a Deal Breaker at Home? Think Again!
Everyone has challenges at home, but not all annoying things are worth the huge hassle and upheaval of a move. These things may all seem like deal breakers, but we’re here with tons of tips and advice to help you deal. You’re dying without a dishwasher Our Best Tips for Life Without a Dishwasher Renters Rejoice!
Sep 18, 2015
Pendleton Stripes in Every Room of the House
It’s still technically summer, but we’ve already started to turn our hearts and minds towards crisp, cozy fall. And nothing says snuggle time more than a classic Pendleton wool blanket. There are certain items that we notice over and over again in our tours and this blanket certainly makes that list. Spot those bold stripes in each of these gorgeous rooms and we bet you’ll start feeling ready for fall. A sunny Chicago window with a cheery stripped chair! So cute!
Sep 15, 2015
4 Easy Things to Do Now To Make Your Life Better This December
Do the holidays feel a long way off? They’ll be here a blink. We don’t say that to stress you out. In fact, starting with some of this stuff now will prevent you loads of stress (and probably save you some cash) down the road. You already know you’re going to be needing gifts for not only your family but also colleagues or clients in your professional life.
Sep 13, 2015
White Floors: Loving the Look, 5 Different Ways
Maybe you think white floors are reserved for sleek, modern, sparse interiors. Not so! There are so many different types and styles of white floors that they can work no matter what your style goals. Here’s the proof. In an all-white room like this one above, the glossy floors provide a nice, shiny highlight that perks up the room without adding any color. White doesn’t have to mean stuffy — these floors show their wear.
Sep 12, 2015
Two Smart Spots to Splurge When Shopping for Home
When you’re getting ready to spend many your hard-earned dollars on a decor splurge, you want to make sure you’re investing that money wisely. Spend in these two strategic places and get the most bang for your buck. The workhorse is the thing that you will use every day so it needs to last – like a sofa. Buying good quality will probably save you money in the long run as solid construction and classic shapes will go the distance.
Sep 12, 2015
Here Are 10 Things You Could Get Rid of Today (and Never Miss)
After a while, you get so accustomed to seeing the things in your home that you tend to gloss over cluttered spaces because they seem normal. So we’re getting really, really specific. Are you guilty of storing any of these things that you don’t want or need? The groceries are long gone; their day is done. Is your linen closet keeping up with your furniture? Why are you still storing that frizz-inducing shampoo?
Sep 11, 2015
Before and After: A Kitchen Drawer Dilemma Solved Once and For All
Some days it’s like the internet gods are smiling and for me, that day is today. Just last night I was complaining for the hundredth time about how all the loose odds and ends in my kitchen drawers would never stay in place (despite the several types of dividers I tried —they all slid around too!) and today I came across this amazing tutorial from the blog I Heart Organizing for a cheap and easy DIY solution that doesn’t harm the drawer (so it’s rental friendly).
Sep 11, 2015
Pop Quiz: Do You Know These Tricky Furniture Names?
You’ve got your everyday dressers and desks down pat. Maybe you even know your way around a chaise or a murphy bed. But what about these tricky furniture names? Do you know what these terms mean? Test yourself! 1. Trundle Bed A. A bed with slide-out storage panels beneath it. B. A bed on casters that rolls under another. C. A bed for children that adjusts in length to accommodate growth spurts. D. A padded floor mat intended for mid-day, outdoor naps. 2. Chifforobe A.
Sep 9, 2015
The Single Use Appliance I Won’t Live Without
I’ve told you before about my low-key kitchen where old fashioned elbow grease often beats out an appliance. Get ready to call my bluff because there is ONE little gadget that’s about as one-use as they come and I wouldn’t be without it. What is it? It’s my coffee grinder. And this is a fairly new development for me. In fact, I came by my hand-me-down grinder quite by accident when I helped my boyfriend clean out his office kitchen only a few months ago.
Sep 9, 2015
Ask Yourself This Question to Conquer Any Difficult Decor Choice
Blank rooms are a bitch, amiright? But it’s also equally hard to look at your current decor and have the vision to see it as a completely different space. If you need to do some decorating but are having a hard time getting started, try this secret trick that always helps me focus my thoughts and figure out what I really want to do with my room. Sometimes this is easy to answer, say, in the kitchen, a room with a very obvious purpose.
Sep 5, 2015
10 Decor Ideas for that Weird Space Over Your Doorway
That strange strip of wall sandwiched between your ceiling and the top of a door frame has always been a kind of no man’s land, decor-wise. It’s usually not big enough for any major statement, but it’s not small enough to ignore without feeling like you’re missing an opportunity. So make like these smart subjects from our tours and try something new. Here are ten good ideas. Above: why should your shelves stop just because there’s a door opening?
Sep 5, 2015
Okay or No Way: Small Talk With Strangers
I was in a NYC store recently, waiting in line to try on some pants, when the woman standing next to me started chatting. Nothing fancy, she just complimented my choice and asked who made the pants. Then she kinda sidled up, reached out and felt the material of the very pants I was holding. Like any New York City dweller would, I recoiled. A line had definitely been crossed.
Sep 4, 2015
Design Lessons from Real Homes: Karen’s Smart Color Tricks
Karen told us her home was inspired by Saarinen’s Gateway Arch. Actually, she said it like this, “It’s my arch— I just allow it to reside in St. Louis.” Looking at her home, it’s easy to see its amazing mid-century style, but we also noticed the many savvy and strategic ways that Karen used color to enhance her great architecture and decor. These tricks would work with any style.
Sep 3, 2015
The Punchy Power of One Special Piece
When we talk about investment decorating, THIS is what we mean! Score the perfect, special piece for your room and you really don’t need all that much else. Need help knowing what to play up? It could be almost anything. Inspiration here! Above: a stunning chandelier is the ultimate statement (especially against a cozy black wall at Cate’s house). Mark’s loud, brightly patterned rug makes all the other neutrals here perk right up.
Sep 3, 2015
Clash or Complement: 4 Unexpected Signs That Moving In Together is a Good Idea
Moving in together is always a gamble, but sometimes, the very things you think make you incompatible, are actually signs that you might be a perfect, complementary match. Don’t worry so much about this stuff. Having opposite schedules is hard when you’re dating because it’s difficult to find time to see each other. Once you move in however, having different schedules can be a blessing.
Sep 1, 2015
Before and After: The Smartest Stairs in Scandinavia
We already knew the Finns were a stylish people, but this example really takes smart, small space design to the next level. This little loft went from a scary, exposed ladder to a new staircase with a secret. You have to see this one. That looks awesome, but get ready for the real magic: Whaaa? Look at how much storage was hiding under there! And we especially love how these Finnish folks at StyleRoom broke up the larger space with pull-out shelving for designated items based on height.
Sep 1, 2015
5 Savvy Travel Habits of Inflight MVPs
The glamorous golden age of air travel is long gone, but some savvy travelers are still champs at breezily getting from point A to point B without ruffling feathers along the way. What are their go-to habits that you can copy? These! Some of those passengers lounging in first class didn’t pay for their pricy seat, they upgraded. No matter how much you travel, enrolling in a loyalty program is always a good idea. Why not earn credit for something you have to pay for anyway.
Aug 31, 2015
The Ultimate Guide to Hand Washing Your Laundry
Stop dropping big bucks at the dry cleaner. You really can clean your delicates at home in your bathroom sink as long as you do it the right way. Here’s everything you need to know. First, a disclaimer: I have safely hand washed many items that read “dry clean only” but do so at your own risk. If you’re nervous, err on the side of caution and drop it off at the dry cleaner. It’ll be worth your peace of mind.
Aug 30, 2015
3 Ways to Save Your Memories (So You Can Let Go of the Actual Things)
One of the our biggest emotional blocks against reducing clutter is nostalgia! We want to keep remembering the great things that happened to us while wearing that sweater or the time in our lives when we loved those plates, so we hang on to stuff that we no longer need. But guess what? You don’t need the actual items to keep those great memories at the front of your mind. Try these ideas.
Aug 30, 2015
Find a Fresh Perspective: 4 Ways to Look at Any Room As If It’s For the First Time
Getting your home to look its best means an occasional decor shake up, furniture rearrangement or new color palette. But sometimes it’s hard to see your space for exactly what it is. We’re all tied up emotionally to our homes, which is great, but it also limits the change we can visualize. We’re so used to the way things are! If you want to stop glossing over your home and really get a fresh perspective, try these things.
Aug 30, 2015
Need to Be A Night Owl? Try These Tricks to Stay Awake
I used to be a night owl. A midnight movie? No problem! An after-after party? I was there. But, in an interesting turn of life events, I’ve begun getting drowsy embarrassingly early these days. Obviously this means some of my late-night habits have had to change (hello 10:30 bedtime), but when I know I’m going to have to stay up late? I do this stuff.
Aug 28, 2015
Does Making the Bed Really Make You Happier? I Found Out
We tell you all the time about the importance of making your bed — the one task that will make you happier, healthier, permanently stress-free and rich beyond your wildest dreams (or something along those lines). But against my own advice — I know, I’m a hypocrite — I rarely make my bed. Mornings are always such a scramble that it never seemed like much of a priority.
Aug 26, 2015
A Break-the-Rules Guide to Living Room Design
Sometimes the best rooms are the ones that throw all the rules right out the window! Down with cookie-cutter rooms that all follow the same formula. These rooms prove you can follow your own path and still have a stylish space. Nope. If you need lots of places to set your stuff (like, ahem, your coffee) then spend the money and space here. If you’d rather have some open space, that’s fine too.
Aug 24, 2015
Furniture Facts: 5 Important Things To Do Before You Buy
Furniture shopping is about more than just style; there are so many elements that go into getting the right fit for you and your home. These five are the essentials. Don’t leave the store without doing this stuff. Duh. But sit on it mindfully! You’re looking for not only comfort, but also how this piece fits your body. Does the seat accommodate the length of your thighs? Do your feet rest comfortably on the floor? Is the arm rest at the right height for your own arm?
Aug 23, 2015
3 Secrets of People Who Know How To Say “No”
For such a small word, it sure is hard for some people to say no, even when they really, really want to. So how do some people breezily refuse an invitation while others begrudgingly accept? How do they pull if off? Like this! Here’s the deal: even though it doesn’t feel like it, saying no is your right. If you choose that path, you don’t need to explain yourself. That’s not to say you need to be rude.
Aug 23, 2015
Lessons From Our Tours: 4 Smart Ways Natasha Turned Her Small Studio Into Much Much More
So often studios are difficult to deal with because there’s no separation of the types of spaces you need: living area, bedroom, kitchen and entry. Well, I recently revisited Natasha’s Brooklyn studio tour and was wowed at all the smart things she did to carve out definition in her 500 square foot space. She’s moved all over the world (and has the decor to prove it) so it’s no wonder she’s great setting up a home. Here’s what she did that you can do, too.
Aug 22, 2015
10 Perfect-For-Fall Real Room Colors (Plus Paint Names!)
We’re still in the dog days around here, but in our hearts, we’re thinking ahead to our decor plans for fall. These ten homes from our tours each used a cozy, crisp, or dramatic paint color perfect for fall. So we found out the color names and manufacturers so you can copy these looks. Above: A dramatic bedroom in Deep Space by Behr. Benjamin Moore Moroccan Spice Ricky & McCary made their own taupe mix of Benjamin Moore paint. Melinda and Mark picked Rustoleum chalkboard paint.
Aug 22, 2015