Stuck in a Rut? How To Fall in Love With Your Home All Over Again

updated Oct 12, 2022
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Once upon a time you were madly in love with your home. Then you found out that your home sometimes forgets to brush his teeth and leaves socks all over the floor. You don’t need therapy to get the magic back, you just need this stuff to rekindle your relationship.

Clean up

Your first and easiest way to regain some home bliss is to get your whole space spick and span. However you have to do it— bit by bit, a big day-long marathon or heck, just hire someone—it will go SO far towards helping you see the good (not the dirt) in your home.

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Ask for feedback (from nice people)

Here’s the thing: we’re sure other people think your home is just fab so give them the chance to tell you! Invite over your most generous and kind friends, give them some wine and tell them you’re trying to remember the good in your space and what do they like? They will have lots of great things to say, we promise. It will help you remember the great things you love and it might even point out some new things you hadn’t thought of yet. If your friends also have some constructive criticism to offer, take it. They probably have great ideas — they’re outside the situation so they can really see what needs doing. Use their help to make your home even better.

(Image credit: Julia Brenner)

Take a style risk

If you need to shake things up a little, then test the boundaries of your relationship with out-there art that speaks to you or pick out a punchy new color. Consult the deep, hidden corners of your heart and decide that now is the time to put fear aside and try that thing you’ve always wanted to.

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Organize something

Taking a frustration and transforming it into a pleasure is sometimes as simple as getting the right organizational system in place. Take a look at just what exactly about your morning routine or your dishwashing area is not ideal and then take the steps to fix that. It will improve your life every single day.

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Get grateful

The truth is, the most important thing in your home isn’t your decor; it’s your people (or pets!). If you do nothing else, you can cultivate a profound sense of love for your home simply by getting grateful for the shelter and environment it provides for your family. Ahh, the warm glowing love feeling is back and it feels so good.