5 Small Space Strategies Everyone Should Use (Even If You Have Plenty of Space)

published Aug 2, 2015
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Lots of small space strategies are about so much more than just making it work in an itty bitty box; they’re smart ideas that everyone can use in any space. Try these on for size.

Reduce clutter

Roll your eyes all you want, but remember, clutter can take over and make you crazy. Although we often hear this advice in reference to small spaces where every inch counts, no one in a home of any size should be hanging on to too many things they don’t need. It’s not just about the physical space, clutter really does send a mental message, too! Whether or not your realize it, stacks and piles and covered surfaces are stressful to look at. Having a home for everything you own (and putting it there) will save you tons of mental and physical energy.

Buy smaller multiples instead of one bigger item

This is great advice for people who don’t have the room for a large coffee table in their living room, but it really can work for anyone. Look at the livng room above. Her two smaller tables still give her plenty of area to work with but are so much easier to move around her large sofa or remove altogether if she wants a big empty space (say, for a party). Handy!

Repurpose what you already have

Just because you have plenty of space, doesn’t mean you always need to look to the store to solve a missing piece in your decor. Finding a new place for an old item is a good space saving measure and it can also lend a unique vibe like the bedside chair above. We love seeing unusual objects serving common purposes and if they’re recycled from elsewhere in your own home, all the better.

Mix in visually light furniture

Visually light furniture is a good way to make your space look less crowded when you need to cram in a lot, but it’s also a great way to make your look balanced overall even if you have plenty of room. Take a look at the dining room above: the chunky wood dining table is contrasted nicely with those low profile, airy wire chairs.

Know the power of hooks

Hanging your clothes on hangers is fine and dandy but if you really want everything at your fingertips and right in front of your eyeballs, hooks are your friend. Another hook perk? Kids (and messy adults) are much more likely to hang something easily on an available hook than they are to find and wrangle a hanger.

What else did you learn from small space living that applies across the board?

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