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A Chic 320-Square-Foot NYC Studio Features an Incredibly Smart Shelf Staircase
House Tour
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This Family of Five Lives Large in a 650-Square-Foot One-Bedroom Rental Tours
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Feb 17, 2023
A 300-Square-Foot NYC Studio Is Packed With Smart Small-Space Living HacksTours
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TikTokers Are Marveling Over This $450/Month Tokyo Micro-ApartmentNews
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A Renter's $1475/Month, 600-Square-Foot Philly Apartment Comes With a FireplaceTours
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A 528-Square-Foot NYC Studio Uses Art & Wallpaper to Create Distinct ZonesTours
Because Jung Hi Han's rental is just a large rectangle, she had to figure out how to arrange the furniture to make different areas. "I used an IKEA bookcase to separate my 'bedroom' from the entry, along with wallpaper to visually create a bedroom. I used the gallery wall in my 'living room' to separate that space, and the two Tara McPherson prints to section off my 'dining room,'" Jung Hi explains.
Feb 7, 2023
This New Yorker Turned a Small, Narrow Apartment into a Quirky, Colorful HomeTours
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A 500-Square-Foot Brooklyn Apartment's Inspired by West African Pop Art Tours
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