24 Small Entryway Ideas to Make Any Entrance Grand

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dark teal or green and white entryway/hallway with  floating bookshelves

A well-organized entryway, with zones for keys, mail, shoes, and outerwear, is a boon to any home. But if your place lacks a decently sized formal greeting spot (particularly ones without a dedicated coat closet), you can still carve out a transition area that will provide some simple storage along with a well-decorated hallway and entry point. Below, some small entryway ideas we love to get you started.

1. Narrow Storage

A narrow wall-mounted storage cabinet, like the one in this North Carolina house, gives you space to drop your keys and mail as soon as you walk in the door while taking up minimal space.

2. Sofa Table

Sofa tables aren’t just for behind sofas — they’re absolutely perfect for storage in any small space. The owners of this Brooklyn townhouse added a skinny sofa table to their entryway, providing much-needed storage space without taking up much room.

3. Wall Storage

The small entryway in this Chicago rental may be tight, but it’s got plenty of style (and storage). We love the books on the invisible shelving and vintage umbrella stand next to the beautifully moody dark green door. Plus, the wall-mounted key rack will ensure you never misplace yours.

Credit: Blair Wilson

4. Frosted Windows

Small entryways can be dark and drab, especially without proper lighting. Brighten things up with frosted windows on your entryway door, as seen in this historic Maryland home. The natural light opens the space up and makes the entire space feel roomy.

5. Folding Table

A folding table that’s attached to the wall doesn’t take up any valuable floor space, but it provides a functional spot to store accessories, mail, and other items in your entryway. The simple white folding table in the entryway of this eclectic Dallas apartment is played up with fun accents, like a whimsical vintage shell back stool and a corkboard filled with kids’ artwork — plus it doubles as a desk.

6. Hall Tree

Menswear designer Thomas Finney made the most of his small Brooklyn entryway with a unique, vintage hall tree. The hall tree has hooks to hang coats and bags as well as a shoe rack at the bottom. Compact and functional, hall trees are ideal for small entryways.

7. Small Stool

Place a low stool or bench, like the one in this eclectic Manhattan apartment, in your small entryway to offer up a comfy seat for you to put on and take off your shoes each day. Keep your shoes nearby (or add a shoe rack if you have room) and you’ll never track dirt inside again.

8. Console Table and Mirror

Mirrors instantly open things up, making rooms appear larger with ease. Paired with a narrow console table, as seen in this Chicago house, kicks things up a notch. With this dynamic duo, you have a larger-looking entryway with room for storage and decor.

9. Tiny Accent Wall

Spruce up a small entryway by painting an accent wall to set your storage apart from the rest of the space. We love this peaceful green hue by @theredbrickranch

10. Cube Storage

@Designingthedillons came up with a clever small entryway idea: she used a small cube storage system to corral clutter and hide it neatly away. We love this unit, which features gold legs and a match-with-anything gray hue. 

11. Mirror With a Shelf

No space at all for a console table without bumping it every time you walk in the door? Consider a mirror with a ledge, like the one @studioduggan chose. This is one of the most clever small entryway ideas we’ve seen; such a cute way to store small things like keys or a clutch purse. 

Credit: @lobrowning

12. See-Through Console Table

When you’re working with a small space, a clear piece of furniture allows for maximum design possibility without looking cluttered or overdone. The console table @lobrowning used for her space is actually pretty sizable, allowing her to add two large baskets underneath for added storage. 

Credit: Lula Poggi

13. Buckets for Storage

Whether you’re looking for small entryway ideas, or your space is sizable but doesn’t lend itself to much in the way of furniture, you could always opt to simply add a chair and a bucket underneath, like this Barcelona home has.

Credit: Erin Derby

14. Locker Love

If your entryway is just large enough for a bit of storage, you could kick it old school and set up a locker to keep shoes and other items that can pile up. The one shown in this Brooklyn apartment boasts plenty of room for the whole family’s shoes. 

Credit: Sherri Copeland

15. Tiny Table

An entryway doesn’t have to be fancy to be functional. And the barely-there table in this Georgia home definitely gets it right. There’s just enough space on this tiny, multi-level table for the essentials, like a basket for scarves and hats, keys and a table lamp. 

Credit: Kris Ladera

16. Vertical Storage

This vertically oriented wall storage cube in a Houston home gives just enough space for entryway essentials like a mail basket, a place to stow keys and possibly even an umbrella. Small entryway ideas that keep your items up and out of the way are key to avoid tripping over clutter every time you enter and leave your home. 

Credit: Minette Hand

17. Antique Table

If you’re looking for small entryway ideas, opt for a statement piece that’s anything but boring. The antique table in this Savannah, Georgia home is absolutely perfect for the space. 

18. Charming Brass Hooks

Apart from the gorgeous sage green paint and botanical wallpaper, this charming entryway pops with animal brass hooks. They add to its whimsical feel while offering storage for jackets, hats, and bags.

19. Bench and Baskets

Between the unique vintage bench and hanging baskets, we can’t get enough of this renovated entryway. It offers a much-needed opportunity for putting on your shoes and hanging your jackets and accessories.

Credit: Hana Sethi

20. Decorated Door

If you truly have no entryway at all, then work with what you’ve got. This  DIY geometric-print door is an awesome way to make a statement. And then you can make the space more welcoming with leafy green plants housed in beautiful pots.

Credit: Sylvie Li

21. Wall Mounted

When in doubt, wall mount. In this modern entryway, a basic IKEA Besta unit offers both closed storage and an open surface for keeping mail and small items like keys. Since it doesn’t rest on the floor, there’s also room underneath for things like shoes. It looks beautiful untouched in this minimalist entryway, but you can also add a wood or marble top — or swap out the doors — to make it look more custom.

22. Pegs and a Bench

This brightened entryway looks so put together thanks to pegs for hanging accessories and a beautiful leather bench. The addition of a rug ups the cozy factor bigtime. 

23. Mail Carrier

Even if you aren’t working with a lot of space, having a proper place to put your mail is crucial to organizing both your life and entryway. An acrylic tray table in this West Village apartment provides enough room for a letter tray or two. Now you’ll be sure to remember your electric bill and maybe even your sunglasses.

24. A Variety of Hooks

The simple dowel-style coat hook is taken to the next level in this Paris apartment designed by Kalb Lempereur. The combination of big and small hooks doubles as décor while housing your accessories. What an affordable solution.