Trust Your Taste: Our Ultimate Find-Your-Style Quiz

updated Oct 4, 2023
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Learning your own taste can be a lifelong journey. Wherever you are on your path, take our quiz as a way to clarify your current perfect style profile. Here’s what to do: turn off your brain, scroll through these slides and pick the very first room that catches your eye. Don’t try to figure anything out, just go with your gut and record your answers.

Remember, just like people, most rooms have elements of many different styles so don’t feel boxed in by these suggestions; rather, use them as an invitation to investigate your own taste even further.

Mostly A’s: Happy Modern

You love clean, low-profile modern shapes but also like to jazz them up with a dose of fun. You gravitate towards color, pattern and playful details grounded with classic shapes. You want your home to feel light and easy.

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Mostly B’s: Warm Industrial

You’re pretty casual; comfort at home is super important to you. You’re into rustic details, often with elements of wood, leather and metal but you keep it warm with lots of texture and plenty of light. You don’t like things that are too finished, in fact, you revel in the rough.

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Mostly C’s: Eclectic Collector

You never shy away from global influences or patina. You like items with a story and you are less worried about them “going together.” You like to mix up different elements to create a stylish mish-mash that reflects your unique point of view.

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Mostly D’s: Classic Glam

You love good bones and interesting details like molding or pattern. You gravitate towards a soothing palette — softer colors, darks or neutrals — but you also love a good metallic accent. You don’t mind ornate shapes or extra frills and you have a sense of history about your decor.

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Now that you know what you like the most, get going. Click through to learn more about your style and how to get the look in your own home.

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