Before & After: A "Grandma Glider"

Before & After: A "Grandma Glider"

Carrie McBride
Jul 21, 2011

Madeline wrote us with not only a great Before & After to share, but a lovely story: I had done a lot of looking around online for inspiration for recovering old gliders and really didn't find as much as I'd hoped. Now that my old glider has a fresh new look I was hoping it could be some inspiration for someone else out there. I know it looks like just any old grandmother's glider but this one belonged to one of the coolest ladies who ever lived; it just had to be part my baby's room. My dad dropped it off last week and despite the awesomeness of my grandmother the country blue fabric wasn't cutting it.


My other grandmother was so kind to share with me her endless supply of great quilt scraps, they've been sitting around in a box waiting to be put to good use and finally they have a good home. So now with the help of both my grandmothers (and my mom who taught me how to sew) we have a newly recovered glider!

Brava! And so special that three special women in your life could play a part! Thanks Madeline! Folks, Madeline is a "a landscape designer by day and a jewelry-making aficionado by night" - intrigued? Find her at mimosa by m.e.

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