Carrie McBride

Carrie is a former Apartment Therapy editor and the original editor of Apartment Therapy Media's first site for kids: Ohdeedoh. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two kids..
20 Dorm Finds Under $20 That Are Stylish Enough for Regular Homes, Too
Because style doesn't have to cost a fortune.
Aug 11, 2021
11 IKEA Products Every Renter Should Know About
I'm a lifelong renter and IKEA products have come to the rescue for many of my rental conundrums over the years.
Mar 29, 2019
10 Items in the IKEA Kids Section You’ll Want for Yourself
Before I had kids, I would typically hightail it through the children’s section of IKEA watching to be sure my toes didn’t get squashed by a rocking moose. But with two kids at home, I now know my DUKTIGs from my LATTJOs and my FLISATS from my MAMMUTs. And, I can tell you, there are some good grownup finds in there that you might be overlooking. Let me show you a few… IKEA was smart to design a very basic dollhouse, the FLISAT ($29.
Mar 11, 2018
What Else To Do When You Change Your Clocks This Weekend
If your mother hasn’t called to remind you yet (mine did), allow me: daylight saving time starts tomorrow, March 11th. Which means it’s time to move clocks forward an hour (and time for my semi-annual humiliation as I push a bunch of buttons on my oven clock and it just blinks back at me interminably.) As you go about your home doing this (hopefully with more skill than me), there are some other important household undertakings you should consider doing at the same time.
Mar 10, 2018
True Bargain Hunters Need to Know This Online Shopping Tip
Here's how to win the get-the-best-price game whenever possible.
Feb 25, 2018
Calling all Neatniks: IKEA’s Pegboard System Finally Hits US
Pegboard and IKEA seem like a match made in heaven and now we can enjoy this marriage here on earth. Released in Europe and other parts of the world last spring under the name SKADIS, the line just landed here in the U.S. and neatniks everywhere can rejoice. The basic SKADIS board comes in three sizes priced between $8-$16.
Feb 13, 2018
Cyber Monday is a Great Day to Buy a Vacuum
Vacuums aren’t really fun to buy. Sure, you’re happy to have one that makes the chore of vacuuming quicker and easier, but few of us relish plunking down our hard-earned cash for one. But if it’s time to upgrade, why not do it on a day when they’re heavily discounted? Just because you tuned out for Black Friday doesn’t mean you missed out on all the deals.
Nov 27, 2017
Amazon’s Black Friday Sale: Our Picks For the Best Deals
Welcome to the unofficial-official start to holiday shopping. Whether you decide to brave the stores in person or stick to deal hunting online, Black Friday through Cyber Monday are prime days for savings. Whether you’re looking to find a great gift or are just shopping for a gift for your home (or yourself!), Amazon has some serious deals going on.
Nov 24, 2017
It’s Etsy’s Cyber Week & All These (& More) Are on Sale
I know, I know. Black Friday used to be a day. And then Cyber Monday came along. Now the two have stretched themselves into a mini shopping season. Not to let the big box stores have all the fun (and dollars), Etsy announced its own Cyber Week — perfect for people who prefer to give their money to the little guy (and gal). There are plenty of sellers participating and offering at least 10% off their usual prices (some much more).
Nov 22, 2017
Our Editors’ Picks for Black Friday Deals for the Bedroom
It’s almost winter and time to make your bedroom the most cozy and comfortable it can be. And you may as well take advantage of Black Friday to gussy it up for less. Here are our editors’ top 5 picks for the bedroom. Anthropologie’s Black Friday Sale: 30% off Storewide Our Top Pick from Anthropologie: Anthro has gorgeous bedding and today’s a great day to scoop up this editors’ favorite Luxe Velvet Quilt. Not into blush? No problem it also comes in grey.
Nov 22, 2017
Your Thanksgiving Essentials Checklist
If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year you have likely (hopefully!) started mapping out your meal, making your grocery list and devising a game plan for getting it all cooked. But don’t forget about your tabletop. Not enough forks to go around? Awkward. Here’s a checklist of essentials for your table to look over. See if you’re prepared and, if not, I’ve suggested some of my favorites below.
Nov 11, 2017
Pretty Tabletop Disposables for a Chill Friendsgiving Meal
The best part of Thanksgiving is not the centerpieces, fine china or napkin rings — it’s being together with loved ones and enjoying a long meal together. Whether you’re hosting a casual Friendsgiving or feeding a crowd, this is one holiday when using disposable tableware makes complete sense for a lot of folks and, best of all, no dishes! I’m kind of in love with these plastic wine glasses and plan to order some for my next party.
Nov 10, 2017
For Sale Lovers: Stylish Furniture that’s 50% Off or More
We’re about to enter “sale season” when every retailer touts their steals and deals to entice you to spend your hard-earned money at their store. I’m all for a sale, but get back to me when you have some real reductions to tempt me with. 10% you say? Sorry, that is definitely not going to make me walk across the room and dig my credit card out of my bag. 20%? I’m listening. 30%? 40%? 50%? Okay, you have my attention.
Nov 3, 2017
Charm & Light in this Romantic East Village One-Bedroom Gem
Size isn’t everything. This small East Village one-bedroom makes it easy to overlook the square footage and focus instead on all the bewitching details like the marble fireplace, wide plank wood floors and skylight windows. We haven’t even gotten to the private terrace on the roof yet which the realtor suggests could be described by Ralph Waldo Emerson as “A secret nook in a pleasant land.” 111 East 10th St.
Oct 4, 2017
A Loft Duplex in a Former Brooklyn Milk Factory
A lot of new buildings try to recreate an industrial loft feel, but this 2-bedroom duplex, one of 14 units in a former milk factory, is the real deal. Located in quiet, but lively Carroll Gardens, this unit is packed with architectural elements like beamed ceilings, exposed brick and a dramatic glass and metal balustrade.
Sep 10, 2017
A Sunny 1,200-Square-Foot 2-Bedroom in a Former Brooklyn Church
If you have a love for older homes, but a desire for modern amenities this apartment could be the perfect compromise. This former church and school in a landmarked district of Brooklyn was converted to condos in 2005. Arrive home to a beautiful, historic brick exterior and then enjoy all the modern comforts of home.
Jun 20, 2017
Warmth, Charm & Architectural Details in this $1.5m Multi-Family Home in Historic Stuyvesant Heights
This two-family home in Stuyvesant Heights is straight out of central casting and represents all the things we love about older Brooklyn homes like hardwood floors, fireplaces, decorative molding and exposed brick. The 1.5 million price includes an owners’ duplex and a garden-level rental unit (to help pay the mortgage). The home’s architectural details are in keeping with the historic neighborhood’s posh past and exude warmth and charm.
May 31, 2017
This Weekend: Spruce Up Your Home’s Unsung Hero
This weekend’s assignment is an easy one and, I hope, a fun one. It’s inspired by my own home and something that I recently noticed could use a spruce up — our doormats. After a winter of having snow, slush and dirt wiped off onto them (not to mention spring mud), they’re looking a bit haggard. Doormats are kind of unsung heroes in our homes. We use them every day and, when used well, they help keep our carpets, rugs and floors stay clean.
May 26, 2017
A $699k Storybook Cottage in the Rolling Hills of Bucks County
This charming cottage is in the countryside, but it’s not as far-flung as you might think. Located in the borough of New Hope, Pennsylvania, it’s about an hour’s drive from Philly and an hour and a half from New York City. This home is small — just under 1,300 square feet — but it’s brimming with charming details (exposed beams! fireplaces!) and thoughtful updates.
May 25, 2017
This Weekend: Prepare to Cool Off & Cool Down
Summer will be here soon and temps are already rising all over the country. Judging by the number of people I saw in the fan and air conditioner aisle at Home Depot this past weekend, keeping your home (and yourself) cool is high on everyone’s priority list right now. If you don’t have an adequate number of cooling devices — get thee to the hardware store. If you do, it’s time to make sure they’re clean and ready to go.
May 20, 2017
This Weekend: 30 Minutes of Cleaning Time Could Lead to a Better Sleep
Whether you are prone to dust allergies or will just rest easier knowing the area you spend 8 (okay, 7?, 6?) hours sleeping in each night is clean as a whistle, your bed zone is well-worth a half hour of your time this weekend. Clean Your Bedding: Strip your bed of blankets, comforters, sheets, pillows and mattress pad and give them all a good wash. If you haven’t done it recently, now’s a great time to flip your mattress.
Apr 28, 2017
Thoughtful Design in Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn
For better or for worse, Brooklyn is booming with new construction. But instead of bland and cookie-cutter, this 6-unit building was designed with a style connoisseur in mind, boasting Italian finishes and thoughtfully selected materials, finishes and fixtures. This fourth-floor unit is the last one available in the building.
Apr 18, 2017
A Warm Industrial Feel in DC with the Modern Comforts of Home
For fans of the Warm Industrial look who aren’t interested in restoring an old factory or warehouse themselves, this 2-bedroom condo in DC offers the look and feel of a historical building but with plenty of modern amenities and luxury.
Apr 11, 2017
Above the Fray in a Small Manhattan Penthouse (with Private Roof Deck)
Having private outdoor space in New York City is on the wishlist of many (most?) residents here. We’re drawn to the hustle and bustle of the city, but at the same time we’re always looking for places to retreat and re-energize. I imagine this 287 square foot roof deck would be just the antidote to the urban whirl below.
Apr 4, 2017
Before & After: A Bathroom, Unused for 30 Years, Gets a Gorgeous New Life
Interior designer Laura Breisch of Making Home Interiors took on her toughest client — herself — when she purchased this Detroit home that had stood empty for 30 years and she purchased in a foreclosure auction. Instead of working with contractors, she enlisted her boyfriend and father and the three of them remodeled this bathroom from head to toe.
Mar 4, 2017
Step Inside Your Dream Home: These Are Your Favorite Rooms of the Year
House tours — real and unstyled — are an Apartment Therapy staple and we relish the chance to document and share these homes from across the style spectrum and across the globe. Last week we asked readers to weigh in on your favorite rooms from the past year of house tours. They were each beautiful and memorable but, in the end, you did have your favorites. And here they are!
Dec 31, 2016
By the Numbers: Our Most Read, Most Popular Posts of the Year
We published over 6,000 posts this year! On the off chance you didn’t catch them all, perhaps you have time to read or revisit the ten posts that most captured readers’ attention this year. The list offers insight into what you are most interested in doing at home: spiffing up your rental, making the most of your small space, taking on diy projects to improve your home’s look and…well, I’ll let you find out what readers’ number one interest was this year.
Dec 30, 2016
Hacks, DIYs and Creative Uses: The Most Popular IKEA Posts of the Year
IKEA is a perennial favorite topic among Apartment Therapy readers and we love to write about it, too. From the best products to customize, small space problem solvers, ingenious hacks and creative, I-never-would-have-thought-of-that uses of IKEA products, we’ve covered a lot of ground this year. Before you make your next trip to the blue and yellow wonderland, check out our 15 most popular IKEA posts of the year.
Dec 30, 2016
Target’s Black Friday Sale: Our Picks for the Best Deals
NOTE: We’re updating our gallery today, Cyber Monday, to reflect the latest deals. Welcome to the unofficial-official start to holiday shopping. Whether you decide to brave the stores in person or stick to deal hunting online, Black Friday through Cyber Monday are prime days for savings. Whether you’re looking to find a great gift or are just shopping for a gift for your home (or yourself!), Target has some serious deals going on.
Nov 25, 2016
Wayfair’s Black Friday Sale: Our Picks for the Best Deals
NOTE: We’re updating our gallery today, Cyber Monday, to reflect the latest deals. Welcome to the unofficial-official start to holiday shopping. Whether you brave the stores in person or online, Black Friday through Cyber Monday are prime days for savings. We’ve been hunting through Wayfair on the lookout for the best deals on the best stuff, so we’ll be updating this post with our picks for your gift list and your home, so you won’t have to look far to snag a steal.
Nov 25, 2016
The (Ever-Expanding!) Ultimate List of Awesome Summer Reads
Summer is time for fun, friends and travel, but also for slowing down, relaxing and, for many of us, reading. Lots and lots of reading. Reading on the beach, reading on the porch, reading in a hammock, reading on planes and trains. You get the picture. Since Apartment Therapy readers have great taste in design, decor and — I’m hoping — books, we want to kick off the summer by sharing our absolute favorite books with each other.
Aug 10, 2016
A Rental “Ravioli Light” Gets a $10, 10-Minute IKEA Hack Makeover
This is my children’s small bedroom. The semi-flush mount ceiling light (which reminds me of a ravioli) is an improvement over our last apartment’s “boob light”, but is still boring and screams “builder grade.” Someday I might replace the whole fixture but in the meantime I was looking for a quick, cheap improvement that didn’t require turning off the circuit breaker. I found it…at IKEA of course.
Jul 15, 2016
Get the Look: An Eclectic Mix of Modern & Antique
Amanda and Mike’s big design challenge in their Mar Vista house (that they share with their five-year-old son Declan) was marrying the beautiful antiques that were inherited from Amanda’s grandmother with their more contemporary tastes. Find shopping resources for their modern and antique mix below!
Jun 19, 2016