20 Ways to Customize the IKEA KURA Loft Bed & Make It Your Own

updated Jul 16, 2020
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The KURA loft bed has earned its cred and its staying power. It’s cheap, ideal for small homes and, as you’ll see in these twenty examples, offers endless opportunities for customization. Paint, wood, fabric: choose your medium and make your KURA your own with a simple color upgrade or a full-on hack.

In a DIY mood? Maxwell shows us how to personalize this perennially popular IKEA stool:

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Contrasting grey and white paint freshen up the KURA in this modern, limited-palette room. Mint Six (Image credit: MintSix)

1. Wood slats cover this KURA to totally transform the look and lend it a tree house feel. (IKEAHackers)

2. Contrasting grey and white paint freshen up the KURA in this modern, limited-palette room. (Mint Six)

3. White paint and a colorful striped curtain liven up this KURA in a young girl’s room. (NieFrida)

4. The little girl has plenty of storage under her KURA with these two dressers, but her parents saved some space behind which they call the “bear cave” and is filled with stuffed animals, pillows and blankets. (She & Bird)

5. Using another IKEA product, the RIBBA picture ledge, these parents created a bookshelf for the top bunk. (IKEAHackers)

6. This bed was painted a dark grey and pink foil was added to the panels which perfectly compliment the bold wallpaper. (Herz Kaspar)

7. The first thing you might notice about this KURA is the fun “house” curtains that make it a fun playhouse, but a more interesting modification is the addition of safety bed rails. (Design Mom)

8. Red fabric surrounds three sides of the lower part of this KURA to create a cozy sleeping area. (Fröken Bauer)

9. This configuration is actually two KURA beds and two MALM underbed storage drawers on casters which provide storage. (IKEAHackers)

10. This KURA was painted white and fabric (with batting underneath) was attached to the panels. The tent (now in green) was attached to the top bunk as a safety measure. (Huppie Mama)

11. This KURA was painted a very neutral tan so as not to compete with the rustic wood accent wall. (J&J Design Group on Project Nursery)

12. This mint green trim is on trend and totally cute. (Erin Chaiton-Murray on Pinterest)

13. You’d barely know a KURA was the “bones” of this cool castle bed setup. Four “stone pillars” at the top are removed for the child to climb into bed. (IKEAHackers)

14. The lower portion of these KURAs has been enclosed and used for storage and the outsides have been painted a sophisticated palette of orange, olive and blues. (House To Home)

15. An addition was added above this KURA to accommodate three kids. (Apartment Therapy)

16. This adorable house facade was screwed onto the KURA frame – the door is on hinges and works! (Elizabeth Abrahamsen on Pinterest)

17. Rather than using the space below for play, these parents maximized their storage space. They painted the bed black and added black bookshelves and white storage bins. (Little Princess with CP)

18. Believe it or not, there’s a KURA under the facade of this hot pink “swimming pool” bed. (Rusta Upp)

19. How fun are these two little tree houses built from KURAs? (IKEA Hackers)

20. This “magic tree house” is simply decorated with glued-on felt pieces. (Burda Style)

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