Before & After: A Secondhand Stage Gets a Global-Inspired Update

Before & After: A Secondhand Stage Gets a Global-Inspired Update

Jennifer Hunter
Jun 25, 2014
(Image credit: Denny Holland )

This table is beat-up for a very charming reason: for years it was the well-loved stage for Denny's girls to dance and play on. He tells us they really helped with its "rustic patina." Well, the girls have moved out so this table got a well-earned retirement makeover.

(Image credit: Denny Holland )

Now that it's just Denny and his wife April (they describe themselves as "two very relaxed cats"), it was time to transform the table into something more finished.

Says Denny:

With travel on the mind, we decided to created a Moroccan patterned top using colors drawn from our antique globe collection. The painting process was standard: sand, clean and prime the table, then paint. The challenge lay in the design of the Moroccan pattern which I was able to fine tune with a compass, t-square, graph paper, and a little trial and error.

We're both very happy with the results and the table is now a little jewel in our living room. I can't guarantee there won't be any more dancing on this table, especially if the good wine is uncorked!

Whoa, let the paint dry, you cool cats!

Thank you Denny!

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