(Image credit: Emily Wright)

Emily and Shane hated their textured ceilings, but felt stuck with them because they weren't ready to deal with the mess and trauma of drywalling. Finally, they just couldn't take any more of those ceilings, "staring down at us," so they took a gamble on another option, and boy, did it pay off.

(Image credit: Emily Wright)

They covered it with beadboard! What a great way to give the ceiling a beautifully coffered look with surprisingly little effort and money.

Emily says:

This project was super simple. All it takes is nailing sheets of cheap beadboard to the existing ceiling. The 4x8 sheets are just under $20 a piece. Once those are up it just needs to be trimmed. Several tubes of caulk and a little bit of paint later, we have beautiful ceilings that guests always compliment. It's the best decision we ever made and gives our home a completely new feel with minimal effort and cost.

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Thank you Emily & Shane!

Re-edited from a post originally published 4.28.14-NT