Before & After: Francis's Transformative Gallery Wall

Before & After: Francis's Transformative Gallery Wall

Tara Bellucci
Feb 6, 2013

When Francis Ooi first started photographing plants on runs near his Singapore home, he only meant to update his living room. A year later, not only is the wall refreshed, but Francis also has a blog and online shop filled with his botanical prints.

From Francis:

In late 2011, I looked at my living room wall and decided I need to refresh it. So I decided to do a small project by taking photos of the flora that surrounds my home since I am living near one of Singapore's best Nature Reserves, The Bukit Timah Hill.
I have been running on the forest trail for quite a while, enjoying the peace in contrast to the hectic city life. With inspiration of 18th century botanical illustration, I decided to do a modern interpretation. Armed with a hybrid compact micro four thirds digital camera, I decided that's the way to go for my living room.
Little did I know that the more I shoot, the more I see. And before I knew it, it had become addictive and obsessive. I ended up having a botanical portrait blog plus an online shop as well. As I try to refresh the wall, the wall actually refreshed me.
It took me about a year to complete the wall. It was quite a challenge trying to work out the different sizes so I decided to do the initial layout on my laptop. Once I decided the position, I hired a professional. I would have taken 6 hours with extra holes in the wall, but this guy did it in 3 hours.
Check out Francis's time-lapse video of the installation:

Thanks, Francis!

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(Images: Francis Ooi)

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