(Image credit: Maggie Overby)

Maggie started with a pair of Mid-Century tulip swivel chairs that she picked up at a flea market for only $42. Even though they almost had a “so ugly they're cool” vibe, they were stained and smelled of musty old cigarette smoke, so these babies needed an outfit change.

(Image credit: Maggie Overby)

Maggie's lucky husband got himself a new desk chair.

Maggie says:

I tried to be true to the original design (and my husband's masculinity) when I chose the fabric: HGTV Home Flower Tower Slub in Malachite. I think it was the perfect choice! I only needed one chair to go with the desk, so one is still in its original orange condition (for those who were sad to see the orange fabric go).

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Thank you Maggie!