Before & After: 8 Bedroom Makeover Projects From Our Archives

The bedroom should be a haven, a place that makes you feel peaceful and happy when you land there at the end of your day. If that's not the case for you right now, check out these bedroom makeovers and let them inspire you to make your own changes!

1. Kristen's bedroom evolved over time, and transformed three times since she started working with interior designer, Lindye Galloway. Kristen was frustrated with the layout of her bedroom and was ready to leave the dorm room style behind. Lindye's priority was to create a tranquil retreat, and worked with the shape of the room to create a bright and stylish space.

2. Ferren's bedroom makeover is an example of how making small changes can really make a big difference. Ferren replaced older accessories with pieces that she felt more accurately reflected her style and tastes, which resulted in a whole new look for her bedroom.

3. Sometimes yellow paint works in a room, and other times, like in Kristen's guest room, it turns into a neon sign when the sun hits it during the day. Kristen wanted a change and created inexpensive paneling on the walls using fiberboard. The grey paint and the architectural element gives the room a calming and elegant feel.

4. This is less a makeover and more of a reveal, but I like the transformation of this room because the result is not what you would expect from a space with a black wall. Astral started with a black wall and then layered the other pieces in: white and neutral gold colors for the furniture, and then mustard yellow and fuchsia statement pieces. All of it works together to create a fun and cozy bedroom.

5. Jesse of Scout and Nimble started by replacing the furniture in this client's bedroom with pieces that worked better with the space, and also changed the location of the bed. Rearranging the furniture made a big difference, as did adding layers of textures. This makeover shows how important it is to pay attention to texture when selecting the bedding, blinds, curtains, pillows and rugs. Jesse also made sure to add in elements of significant meaning, which makes the room feel personal and comforting.

6. Gretchen used a darker paint color and the addition of board and batten on one wall to start off her transformation. However, the real difference comes in the form of the decorative items and accessories that Gretchen found in thrift stores and flea markets that really add character and visual interest to the bedroom.

7. Discovering you and your partner's combined style can be the impetus to make the decisions to update (and source larger pieces) in your bedroom. After several years of being at a standstill about how to combine Lauren's vintage style and Mark's more modern style, they realized they both liked the rustic and nautical look, and went to work on this makeover. If you are having trouble deciding on big things like a headboard, take time to find the common ground between you and your partner. It may help hone in on the right piece for both of you!

8. Kelly's bedroom was functional enough, but it didn't reflect her style and didn't make use of the extra space in the L-shaped room. Kelly kept the bed, but updated the room with a coat of paint and turned the extra space into a play area. If you have a bedroom with what seems to be awkward extra space, be deliberate about creating another area with a different purpose — a sitting area, reading nook, office, or play area.

(Image credits: Ferran; Kristen Hettich; Bethany Nauert; Ferren Gipson; Apartment Therapy; Astral Riles; Apartment Therapy; Boxy Colonial; Lauren Lanker; Tearing Up Houses)