Top Humane Mouse Traps: Mice Cube, Seabright, Kness & Two More

Top Humane Mouse Traps: Mice Cube, Seabright, Kness & Two More

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 19, 2016

I've had my share of mousecapades and caught mice humanely and in grizzly ways (the worst are glue traps, though sometimes they become necessary). However, I've always tried to start with humane mouse traps and had good luck. Here are my top picks gleaned from experience and from a recent survey.

The Mice Cube is my latest top find due to it's utter simplicity and great reviews. This sweet blogger at MinorCreations says it best: "We did exactly what the instructions said and within a half hour of setting them up, we’d caught one! It was amazing. It is also the only trap where you don’t have to touch the mouse to remove it."

Top Humane Mouse Traps

Why Humane?

There are many reasons for humane traps, but the biggest one could just well be that they work, so why not? Particularly with children, humane traps can be incredibly interesting and rewarding, as there's nothing more satisfying than "catching a mouse" and nothing worse than a dead one or a mauled one. However, with humane traps, here are few pointers:

  • Do not leave traps in direct sunlight — it’s hot inside of those small boxes!
  • Check traps often — mice will die if you do not release them frequently.
  • Make a deal with your neighbor – if you plan to leave your home for awhile, make sure that someone looks after your traps on a daily basis.
  • Via Care2

(Image credit: Seabright)

This cute green little house has a door that snaps shut after the mouse enters and keeps him or her alive with bait and nice air holes. Ready to give him or her their freedom? When you take your trap outdoors there's a "Freedom Door" which has a cracker in it so that they can't leave until they chew through, giving you time to leave them and a snack "for the road." Also available at Amazon.

(Image credit: Morganica)

The Kness is a classic balance trap that triggers the door shut when the mouse climbs up the slope and tips the trap forward. I love the ingenuity of the gravity design, but have had some misses with this trap, perhaps due to the bait needing more air holes to smell more. I would advise drilling a few. Pic and more info on this one at

(Image credit: Victor)

Perhaps you think this trap is too big?? Perhaps too ugly?? Well if you have more than one mouse or you want to leave a trap for some time, this one will keep mice aired, secure AND won't let them chew their way out (which happens). This guy takes up to 30 mice. Yuck!

You have to watch the movie above. Mice go in - with no moving parts - and are trapped - happily - until you want to release them. This is an extremely humane trap, but it also has a purpose: "It is designed to catch mice alive and keep them alive and stress free. Healthy, captive mice attract other mice." This is for indoor and outdoor use and allows you to catch mice even when you're away for awhile.

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