How To Catch a Mouse: Our Biggest & Most Helpful Posts

How To Catch a Mouse: Our Biggest & Most Helpful Posts

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 20, 2015
(Image credit: Roger Arquer)

It's mouse season and two friends have found critter droppings in their kitchen since New Year's, throwing them into a tizzy. I've been through this before, and it drove me crazy how difficult they are to catch. They have patterns that you can expect and then they break them. A number of years ago (when I recorded the videos below) I finally DID catch the mouse in our home, but it took days and lots of patience. And, in the end, it was a gory glue trap mess that worked, but it made me feel awful. Read through, learn a ton and let us know what works for you.

Join Maxwell as he tries to catch a mouse. Episode Three:

Top Mouse Catching Posts

General Mouse Catching

(Image credit: Mountainside Crochet)

What To Do With a Mouse In The House? - 87 Comments

  • Particularly good on the importance of cleaning up after and to prevent mice. Info on disease, etc. My favorite, however, is this great mouse catching tip from SunnyBlue1:

"Unfortunately, I have a LOT of experience in catching mice. Standard wooden mouse traps work best. Bait with peanut butter, or even better, a little square of raw bacon firmly stuck on the prong. The more aromatic the bait, the better it works. And who can resist bacon?

Slide the trap inside a brown paper bag, down to the end. The brown paper bags that slip over wine bottles are the very best, but any smaller bag is good. You want the mouse to be a little confined if possible. You could use an empty cereal box. The mouse likes getting "into" something. But a wine bottle bag is great.

In a perfect world, the mouse will take the bait on the first try. It is wasteful, but I have on occasion just folded up the bag—-mouse, trap, and all—-and tossed the whole thing into the dumpster. On other times I have squealed and cried and removed the little carcass with gloved hands, and recycled the trap. Depends on how many mice I suspect there are, and my budget.

The great thing about the bag (or box) is that the murder scene is contained and you don't have a second mess to clean up along with the first.

Place the bag on the floor, nestled under the edge of the cabinets.. The mouse will do the rest."

Humane Mouse Catching

A mouse that was caught in the house and released in a local park, by Kathryn Wright
(Image credit: Kathryn Wright)

How To Humanely Get Rid of Mice? - 9 Comments

  • On the utility of ultrasonic repellers and steel wool. They work well but only for awhile, so you need to fill the holes while they work and you're golden.

Humane Rodent Control - 27 Comments

  • A great breakdown of five things to do along with this DIY humane mouse trap:
  • Take a paper toilet paper or paper towel roll and fold it to have a flat bottom (two folds approximately 1” apart).

  • Balance the roll half-on and half-off of a table or counter with a few pieces of bait toward the edge.
  • Place a bucket below the roll so that when the mouse enters the tunnel and reaches the end he will tip the roll into the bucket and be caught for release FAR away from your home.

Mouse Traps

(Image credit: Roger Arquer)

Mousetraps by Roger Arquer - 21 Comments

  • These inspired trap designs by London designer, Roger Arquer, make it look easy.

(Image credit: Gregory Han)

How To Build a DIY Humane Mouse Trap - 12 Comments

  • Lovely DIY does the trick with a 2 liter soda bottle and a bunch of other household items.

Mouse Clean Up

(Image credit: Sarah Rae Smith)

How To Get Mouse Pee Out of Particle Board - 5 Comments

  • A particulary good how-to to solve this problem after an infestation. Mice, BTW, pee in order to mark their territory and navigate through it.

Mice Rescue

(Image credit: Gregory Han)

A Mouse In The House: As a Guest! - 55 Comments

  • Editor, Gregory Han, helps out Sinbad, the mouse that's been caught by the neighbor's cat, Inga, and keeps him alive for days...

The Mouse Warrior Series

(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)

The Mouse Hunter: What's The Best Way To Catch a Mouse? - 99 Comments

  • This was the question that kicked it off and it was my own as I was facing two mice suddenly living in our home with the prospect that there was a family

The Mouse Hunter: Foiled Again - 55 Comments

  • My first video in which I try to stay up all night and video tape the catching of the mice.

The Mouse Hunter: Escalation - 33 Comments

  • Night two doesn't catch anything either, but we learned a lot along the way.

The Mouse Hunter: The Word On The Street - 20 Comments

  • We did eventually catch the two mice with glue traps - yuck - but this was our last video in which we asked a whole bunch of folks what they did. They are all correct.

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