20 Ways to Hack, Tweak, Repurpose & Reimagine IKEA's Trofast

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Think you're clever using IKEA's Trofast to round up all your kids' toys, do ya? Well, okay, it is perfect for that, but that's so Trofast 1.0. You've got to expaaaaand your miiiiind. Think outside the biiiiiin. Like these folks, who show that mere toy storage is just the tip of the Trofast iceberg. Check out these 20 ways to use the use the Trofast. Some are true hacks and reimaginings, others minor tweaks and adjustments.

1. As Arts & Crafts Storage

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2. As a Child's Desk

3. As a LEGO Table

4. As a Changing Table

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5. As Movable Storage (just add casters)

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6. As a Play Kitchen (yes, there's a Trofast under there!)

7. As Storage in a Shared Room (just choose two colors)

Image from: IKEA

8. Àla Carte storage with an Expedit or similar bookcase

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9. As toy storage without the bins (these have an added backing)

10. Hidden Storage Inside a More Attractive Adult Piece of Furniture

Not familiar with Trofast? Frames, boxes & lids → IKEA.

11. As an Art Table (with added top)

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12. As a Train Table

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13. As Stairs to a Bunk or Loft Bed

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14. As a Light Table for Tracing and Play

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15. As a Child-Size Wardrobe

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16. To Display Toys (without the base unit)

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17. As Benches for a Play Table

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18. As a Sand Table

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19. As a Water Table

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20. As a Ride-On Toy

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