Briva In-Sink dishwasher by KitchenAid

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In-Sink! No, not the former boy-band, but rather, that's where this cool dishwasher is. We saw this "KDIX 8810 In-sink" dishwasher featured in the September 2007 British Elle Decoration, and after a little clicking, found it's American counterpart. It's the Briva In-sink Dishwasher by Kitchenaid. AT:NY actually blogged it waaay back in 2004, so it's obviously been around for awhile, but this is the first time we've seen it and we're just smitten...

First of all, it's perfect for small spaces and for those that don't really use that many dishes. It's meant for small loads and it has a bunch of fun features. The top lid doubles as a cutting board, and it also has this technology where once it's done washing your dishes, the lid will pop up and allow the steam to vent, speeding up drying time. It can run a complete cycle in as little as 18 minutes, and it takes up about 50% less water than full sized dishwashers. It can accommodate up to five place settings, and even has a quick 2 minute rinse cycle. This convenient if, say, you're cooking something and need to clean out some utensils and reuse them for other recipes. It goes for about $1849 and is a special order item. See more info here.