City Living: Step Into these 12 Brownstones

American Style

"American style" architecture might first bring to mind Victorian, Ranch, Cape Cod or Prairie styles, but for city folk the brownstone stands out as perhaps the best representative of urban housing, especially in the Northeast. With the help of the Cosby family and Carrie Bradshaw, the brownstone has been cemented into the popular imagination of what city living looks like.

While the actual "brown stone" refers only to buildings facades, there are many beautiful interior details associated with brownstones: fireplaces, high ceilings, detailed woodwork and moldings, exposed brick, ceiling medallions. Below is a sampling of interiors from our tours that highlight some of the best of these quintessential brownstone qualities (click through if you'd like to see the whole home):

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(Image credits: Sponsored Post; Pablo Enriquez; Jill Slater; Sabra Krock; Patrick Mulcahy; reader Emily; Liz Vidyarthi; Beth Bates; Patrick J. Hamilton; Liana Hayles; reader Valery; Leah; Andrea Sparacio)