Finally! Your "Me" Home: Decorating for Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Finally! Your "Me" Home: Decorating for Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Taryn Williford
Dec 28, 2016

Who knew that four letters could bring so much clarity to your life? It's like the Myers-Briggs personality test looks deep into your soul to see the most genuine parts of you–the way you make decisions, the way you look at the world. And once you get in tune with those aspects of yourself, you gain a whole new perspective on everything in life, including how you decorate your own home.

It's not about finding your style–your personality type has very little effect on whether you prefer organic minimalism or eclectic industrial spaces. Instead, we've tried to identify some small truths about your personality that correlate to things you can do as you decorate or unique ways you can make your home feel like a happy, deeply personal space.

Don't know your type? You can take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment right here.

Once you know your type (ENTP? ISFJ?), break it down letter-by-letter and check out what each of those traits means for your space:

How you're energized:

Extraversion (E)

Create a space for entertaining. You want a home that makes random get-togethers and drop-ins easy and comfortable. You'll feel happiest in a space with open layouts and plenty of seating. Don't second-guess the advantage of having a guest room (or at least a comfy couch) for visiting friends to stay close by.

Introversion (I)

Create a retreat. As an introvert, you enjoy spending time alone to recharge, so when decorating your space, give yourself a place to do just that, like a reading nook or something away from the action. A family of introverts might want to make sure there are plenty of walls at home–loft living is not for you.

How you gather information:

Sensing (S)

Pare down. You're a very practical, present-minded thinker, so chances are you don't have a lot of stuff anyway. But if you do find that you're burdened by things, consider shifting to a capsule wardrobe or embracing some aspects of minimalist living. Consider form over function when you're buying for your space.

Intuition (N)

Trust those instincts! Make decorating decisions for yourself, and not according to any advice or rule book. You might not understand why you feel the way you do about choosing a paint color or where to hang a picture, but it's got to be a great choice. Feel free to indulge in things just because you like them.