Simple Ways to Turn Any Space into a Sanctuary

published Sep 28, 2015
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(Image credit: Brittany Purlee)

Home is supposed to be a calming place. But with the movement towards open floor plans, things are only getting more complicated. Same goes for anyone living in a studio apartment: When most of your life takes place in the same sweeping room, where do you go for a moment of serenity? Answer: Anywhere you want.

Start with a corner, or a bedroom, or the bathroom, or even your closet. Figure out where you want to go when you need to get away, then follow these three steps to turn that space into a sanctuary:

Introduce some nature.

Bring the outdoors in. You can do it with house plants, or by introducing natural textures, like a sisal rug. Another key element of the outdoors? Natural light. Play up your windows with sheers that let in tons of light without sacrificing privacy. Or use a strategically placed mirror to bring in light from another room.

Play up your other senses.

Naturally, we’re the most concerned about what we see when we’re dealing with a room. But the difference between a pretty space and a gratifying one can be found in the other senses–smell, sound and touch. Use essential oils, candles, a diffuser or room spray to give your space a signature scent. Introduce a water feature or wind chime to camouflage city or family noise with your room’s own natural soundtrack. Play up different textures in those places – a chair, the sofa, the bed – where you’ll spend the most time.

(Image credit: Elissa Crowe)

Make it personal.

This is your sanctuary, ok? Not anybody else’s. Put your stamp on your space with personal items that inspire calm, creativity and imagination. Some items that inspire: family treasures, personal photos or something to create with (like a guitar or canvas).

What ingredients do you use to make a peaceful place at home?