High & Low: Laundry Hampers

Living in a small space there are no hidden places to store dirty laundry, thus the laundry hamper is an essential design element in the bedroom or bathroom. Here is a round up of the most stylish laundry hampers on the market whether you are on a shoestring or unlimited budget.High End: 1. Rolling Wire Storage and Liner, Pottery Barn $159 2. Torrey Divided Hamper and Liner, Pottery Barn $179 3. A Tempo laundry basket, Alessi $179 4. Handwoven Baskets from Senegal, Brook Farm General Store $145 5. Woven Ash Basket, Shop Terrain $249.95

Low End:
6. Natural Seagrass Laundry Basket, Target $44.99
7. Washing Machine Hamper, CB2 $29.95
8. Skuub Dual Compartment Laundry Bin, IKEA $8.99
9. The fold-up laundry bin in colored ombre, Container Store $19.99
10. Ruffled laundry bag, Urban Outfitters $29

(Images: as linked above)