How To "Fake" a Gallery-Wrapped
Canvas Print

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This tutorial is inexpensive, easy, and best of all: low-risk. I was in need of some art for our bathroom, and it needed to be rather large and until I can afford what I've really got my heart set on — rather cheap.

I decided to take a poster that I liked (picked up at a craft store for around $10) and skip the large expensive frame. Instead, I made it look like a wrapped canvas, using a cheap old thrift store canvas I had lying around. Warning: this project is not for the perfectionist! If you're looking for large-scale art on a budget, and can accept some minor flaws, this is the project for you! I completed this project in less than 20 minutes.

What You Need

• poster
• canvas just a bit smaller than the poster
• adhesive such as mod podge
• brush
• staple gun or stapler


1. Lay out your poster.

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2. Place canvas on top to be sure you have enough room to fold the edges around.

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3. Spread out your adhesive.

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4. Starting at the bottom or top, carefully press your poster onto the gluey canvas, taking care to smooth out air bubbles. Note: I didn't photograph this step because I needed both hands — and you will too!

5. Flip the whole thing over and smooth it out.

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6. Flip back over and use your fingers, a dry towel, or a brayer to smooth out any extra wrinkles.

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7. Flip back over, and carefully wrap the edges around to the back of the canvas. Secure in place with staples.

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8. Fold corners neatly like wrapping a present and secure with staples.

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10. Hang, and enjoy!

(Images: Sarah Dobbins)