How To Make Felt Food: Our Gigantic List of Free Online Tutorials

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Making felt food for kids is very gratifying. With simple and inexpensive materials you can create realistic looking play food that will last for years and promote open-ended, imaginative play. Three years ago when I was bit by the felt food bug, I compiled this list of free online tutorials to make a huge variety of play food. Now, I've updated it with twice as many links to help and inspire you.

If you don't consider yourself a strong sewer, I recommend starting with fried eggs, cookies and strawberries. With each food you make you will gain confidence and learn little tips and tricks. Soon, you may be coming up with your own patterns.

I use a mix of hand and machine sewing when I make felt food, but rest assured that it all can be made by hand if you don't have a machine. It's a great craft for doing in front of the television or listening to music.

Here are all the tutorial links in my collection, but feel free to add others in the comments and I'll update this list. You'll notice that some foods have multiple tutorials listed for the same food. Sometimes they are look slightly different or use a different process - pick which one appeals to you.

And, remember, packaging them up (and here) is half the fun!

Need some help with basic hand stitching? → Lit'l Brown Bird's Ideas


Apples - Playing With Your Food
Apple - While Wearing Heels
Banana - While Wearing Heels
Banana Slice - Playing With Your Food
Cantaloupe Slice (peelable) - Field Notes from an Evolutionary Psychologist
Cherries- Cut Out + Keep
Grapes - While Wearing Heels
Kiwi Slices - Craftiness is not Optional
Persimmon - The Shishi Girl
Strawberries - Lit'l Brown Bird
Strawberries - Bread & Buttons
Strawberries - Art Threads
Strawberry Halves - Megnificent Made
Orange slices - Thinking Mama
Pear - My Creative Place
Pineapple - While Wearing Heels
Watermelon - Cut Out + Keep
Watermelon slice - Mama's Felt Cafe on Natural Parents Network


Chicken Legs - Art Threads
Chicken Legs - Craftiness is not Optional
Corned Beef Dinner with Potatoes, Cabbage and Baby Carrots - Ivers
Hamburger and fixins'- Craftiness is not Optional
Whole Turkey - Smashed Peas and Carrots

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A bowl of ravioli and bow tie pasta I made for a young friend.


Agnolotti - Treasures for Tots
Farfalle/Bow Tie - One Inch World
Lasagna - Treasures for Tots
Ravioli - One Crafty Mumma
Tortellini - Helping Little Hands


Asparagus - While Wearing Heels
Beets - Cut Out + Keep
Broccoli - Pink & Green Mama
Broccoli & Cauliflower Florets - Craftiness is not Optional
Carrot - 3 In Under 3 (made here with chenille, but would work great with felt)
Carrot - Craftiness is not Optional
Carrot - Et Moi Elors
Corn on the Cob - Cook Clean Craft
Corn on the Cob - While Wearing Heels
Edamame - A Chair For Me
Eggplant - While Wearing Heels
Green Beans - Craftiness is not Optional
Leeks - Et Moi Alors
Lemon/Tomato slices - One Crafty Mumma
Lettuce - One Inch World
Head of Lettuce - Et Moi Alors
Onion (whole)- While Wearing Heels
Peppers - Art Threads
Baked Potato with butter - Craftiness is not Optional
Potatoes - Art Threads
Potatoes and sack - It Happens in a Blink
Pumpkin - Et Moi Alors
Radish - While Wearing Heels
Radishes - Et Moi Alors
Summer Squash - Cut Out + Keep
Tomatoes - Et Moi Alors (I know these are technically fruit!)
Tomato Slice - One Inch World


Pizza Slice - Reflections of a Semi-Crunchy Mama
Pizza Pie- The Crafty Woman
Sloppy Pizza - Avocado & Papaya


French Bread - While Wearing Heels
Loaf of Bread - Thrifty Craft Mom
Sliced and Loaf Bread - Twelve Crafts Till Christmas

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A platter of sweets I made for my niece last year.


Cake and Frosting - She Wears Flowers on 1 Hungry Hippie
Chocolate Bar - Craftiness is not Optional
Black and White Cookies - Prudent Baby
Cigarette Cookies - American Felt & Craft Blog
Cream Cookie - Fairy Fox
Fortune Cookies - Martha Stewart
Sugar Cookies with piping bag - Ikat Bag
Cinnamon Roll - Smashed Peas and Carrots
Cupcake - Maedchenmitherz
Cupcake - Hausfrau in Melbourne
Cupcake & frosting - Smashed Peas & Carrots
Doughnuts - Skip To My Lou
Ice Cream Cone and Scoops - One Creative Mommy
Lollipops and Dum Dum Suckers - It Happens in a Blink
Macarons - Sweet Emma Jean
Petit Fours - American Felt & Craft Blog
Cherry Pie - American Felt and Craft
Cherry Pie - Martha Stewart
Popsicle - One Crafty Mumma
Popsicle - Twelve Crafts Till Christmas
Popsicle - American Felt & Craft Blog
Pop Tarts - Instructables
Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream - Smashed Peas and Carrots
Root Beer Float - Mama's Felt Cafe
Strawberry Shortcake - Megnificent Made
Strawberry Tart - A Chai For Me
Swiss Cake Roll - Feed Dog
Waffle Cone - Hannah Hoosier
Whipped Cream Dollop - Hello Ashley Ann


Brown bag lunch (sandwich, chips, Swiss cake roll and bag) - Skip To My Lou
French fries - Craftiness is not Optional
Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Mama's Felt Cafe
Latkes - Mama's Felt Cafe on Natural Parents Network
Marshmallows & Roasting Stick - Mama's Felt Cafe
Popcorn and Movie Tub- Craftiness is not Optional
Sandwich and chips - Snazzle Craft
Sushi - A Chai For Me
Popcorn - Playing With Your Food
Pot Stickers - Craftiness is not Optional
Salty Crackers - American Felt & Craft Blog
Soft Pretzel (made with cotton fabric) - Craftiness is not Optional
Spring Rolls - Pink & Green Mama
Swiss and Cheddar Cheese Slices - Helping Little Hands
Spinach & Mushroom Quiche slice - Mama's Felt Cafe
Tacos - Firefly Skys
Tea Bag - Dream a Li'l Dream
Waffles - Craftiness is Not Optional (she used cotton fabric, but use same instructions for felt)

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Eggs I made for my son. Eggs are a great start for beginners.


Sunnyside Up Fried Eggs - One Crafty Mumma
Whole Eggs (felt version here) - Lola Nova
Scrambled Eggs - Helping Little Hands


Brown paper bag - Skip To My Lou
Chinese takeout box - Lit'l Brown Bird
Berry Container - Mega Crafty

Misc (not felt):

Play Oven Mitts - Craftiness Is Not Optional

A big SHOUT OUT of GRATITUDE to the generous bloggers above who have shared these tutorials online!

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French macarons - my fanciest play food to date, made for my son's friend on her 4th birthday.

(Image: Carrie McBride)