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Courtney and her husband are lucky enough to have a wonderful outdoor deck, but weren't sure how to best use this odd empty corner. Inspiration struck and they decided to construct an outdoor day bed to provide some much needed lounging space for a party or a quiet afternoon. Using a combination of new and reclaimed wood, they built a custom seating area to fill up that empty corner.

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Courtney boiled this outdoor daybed project into what she calls the Five Fast Details:

  • we built a frame to the size we wanted attaching it to our existing deck flooring as we went

  • we screwed on our reclaimed hardwood to hide the frame

  • we cut chipboard to fit on the top of the frame

  • we attached foam to the chipboard and upholstered with an old sheet

  • we made a washable, removable slipcover in our chosen fabric.

Sounds simple enough, right? Thankfully Courtney has also put together a couple of excellent step-by-step tutorials that provide a wealth of additional details and photos to help you put together your own outdoor lounge area.

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(Images: Courtney/The Apprentice Extrovert)