Before & After: Dresser to Craft Shelving

Before & After: Dresser to Craft Shelving

Jackie Boucher
Feb 21, 2012

This old dresser was pretty beat up -- even with some TLC it wasn't going to do a room any favors anymore. Liz Marie found a great way to repurpose it; she turned into shelving to help organize her crafting closet.

After a crisp new coat of white paint, Liz added some leftover beadboard to cover a top that wasn't salvageable. In place of drawers, Liz had boards cut to size to create storage cubbies in their place. With the addition of burlap to the drawers, plus the bead board to the top of the dresser. Liz has a good looking, functional storage unit that cost next to nothing.

Read more about Liz's process on her blog — Liz Marie Blog: Dresser to Shelves.

(Images: Liz Marie)

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