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1-27-blik2.jpgWhen you finally get comfortable with your apartment, you can start to have fun. It's sort of like dating.

1-27-blik.jpgBlik Surface Graphics is one of those companies that spring up when no one is looking. Starting with a desire to fill a blank wall with a poem (a la fridge magnets, but bigger). After a lot of trial and error, stencils and paint were used, and, after more trial, adhesive letters were created that were easily removable. Since then, Blik has branched out into colors, shapes, Eames designs and, most recently, Keith Haring and Matthew Hagget designs.

Packs of graphics run between $35 and $60 and custom graphics are also available. For example, if the love of your life writes a poem and has a favorite font that makes her quiver, Blik will make it and you can mount it in her bedroom. Then, she'll cry and fall in love with you on the spot. (via Funfurde & Josh Rubin)






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