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If you are on the hunt for the perfect bed (and who isn't), here's one more to throw into your hopper (for when you win the lottery): Hastens Beds from Sweden...

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Hastens beds are all-natural, THICK and considered a lifetime investment (25 year warrantee, to be exact). The beds and mattresses are built by hand, using all natural materials such as cotton, horsehair, flax and wool and supplied to the Swedish royal family.

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A Hastens bed contains no foam, rubber or latex in any form. The springs are individually coiled with Swedish steel and encased in their own pocket. The key here is that these beds BREATHE, are all natural and built for life.

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Hastens beds are all frame based. The bottom of the line ($4,000) has a sprung frame and a mattress topper, The top ($12,000) has the sprung frame with a mattress and a topper as well (they also sell adjustable versions). These beds are used in luxury hotels in Sweden, Denmark and Spain. If you are going all natural and avoiding latex, this is the most luxurious (expensive) we have yet found.

(Re-edited from original post on 2005-02-14)
(Re-re-edited from original post on 2006-02-22)

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