Individual Medley

Store Profile

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Specialty: Rustic Home Goods
Price range: ($$) Mid-Range

Store History

  • Founded: 2012
  • Founded by: Monica and Justin Boyes
  • Headquarters: Atwater Village, Los Angeles


Individual Medley offers outdoor goods, custom furniture, and travel inspired items. Upon entering you are immediately greeted by the gentle smell of burning Piñon. The layout of their store in Los Angeles' Atwater Village is open and invitiing.

Name: Individual Medley

Launch date: February 2012

Inspiration for opening: It was a dream we both had for a very long time. After we were married we found a space and hit the ground running.

Merchandise source: We find items through friends, travel and makers coming in with their product.

Best selling item: It's always changing, depending on the season.

Your favorite item: I love our apothecary lines and personally use Fat and the Moon hair powder, Earth Tu face skin stick, Fig + Yarrow yarrow buttercream and under arm lotion.

Favorite store (other than your own): I enjoy visiting The Last Book Store and the Silver Lake Spice Station.

(Image credits: Pablo Enriquez)

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