Lea Ceramiche: Trend Setters in Italian Ceramics

Lea Ceramiche: Trend Setters in Italian Ceramics

Mat Sanders
Oct 11, 2011
  • Location: Fiorano modenese (Mo), Italia and online
  • Website: ceramichelea.it

Store History

  • Headquarters: Italy
Last week, I showed you one of the more artful ceramic and stone companies from this year's Cersaie floor and wall coverings show. Today, I wanted to introduce you Lea Ceramiche, a company that is leading the way with three notable trends in the ceramics industry—ultra-slim designs, large format tiles, and digital inspired looks. SLIMTECHMAIN.jpg SLIMTECHMAIN02.jpg Slimtech Ultra-slim was a huge trend in floor and wall coverings this year, and Lea Ceramiche offered the best examples with their Slimtech line. With several styles within this collection, the thin slabs measure only 3mm thick—making them light, easy to maneuver into place and an ecological option thanks to their easy shipping.

KENSMAIN01111.jpg KENSMAIN0222.jpg Kensington Another popular style at this year's Cersaie was large format tiles. Replacing the once popular subway tiles and micro tiles that have been popular in bathrooms and backsplashes, a 12x24" format seems to be taking over the modern home.

Audrey Last week we saw Patricia Urquiola's digital inspired designs for Mutina, but Lea Ceramiche puts their own twist on the computer generated look with their Audrey collection. With tiny embossed dots that seem to give a pixel effect on each large format tile, plaids and florals are created in soft, pastel shades. • Mutina: Innovative Ceramics & Superior DesignStyle Watch: The Fashion of Cersaie Images: Lea Ceramiche

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