New From Ed Roth: Stencil 201


Store History

Brooklyn-based graphic designer Ed Roth founded Stencil1 in 2004. Many, including Martha Stewart, The New York Times, ReadyMade, and Country Living, have praised his iconic, reusable stencils. Stencil1 stencils can be used to paint walls, T-shirts, furniture—anything you want!

You might remember Ed Roth from his Lofty Brooklyn Industrial House Tour last year. From this street art obsessed talent behind how-to manuals Stencil 101 and Stencil 101 Décor comes the next step in Ed's stenciling adventures—Stencil 201. Click through for a sneak peek of his latest projects, designer collaborations and a whole lot of stencil mayhem.

In his introduction to Stencil 201, Ed Roth proclaims, "Customization, authenticity, and uniqueness are the new luxury." In an age where vintage-style goods are mass produced and readily available in large retail stores, and where customization of apparel is as brainless as the click of a mouse, Stencil 201 provides genuine DIY know-how with 25 original and exciting new projects based around what Ed does best—stenciling.

This book goes far beyond the level of your Aunt Sue's stencil border project in her guest room. In Stencil 201, Ed profiles a variety of creative thinkers and shows you how to customize everything from sugar cookies to hair cuts. Highlights include a how-to on creating a multi-layer stencil of a person's face, revamping vintage plates with a porcelain paint, and a temporary tattoo project.

Currently the book is available for purchase at