Poster Cabaret

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  • Founded: 2002
  • Headquarters: Austin, Texas

Poster Cabaret began selling underground gig posters on its first website in 2002. Originally inspired by a love of music and late 1990's gig poster art, the website has grown to include the top artists of the underground poster and print scene. Along the way, Poster Cabaret has been featured on countless art and design blogs. In 2010, the online gallery has most notably appeared on the Grain Edit design blog, the New York-based Apartment Therapy blog, and in Martha Stewart Living magazine (Aug. & Sept. issues). In recent years, Poster Cabaret's offering has expanded beyond gig posters. Today, the website features hundreds of art prints. Owned by an avid cyclist, Poster Cabaret put together it's first bicycle inspired print set in 2009. The follow up, Bicycle Print Set 2010, included 15 artists and was completed to celebrate National Bike Month in May. The current website launched from Austin, Texas, in August 2006. The online gallery, international in scope, includes over 2000 different posters and prints from over 75 artists. The web gallery is organized by artist, not band or concert venue. The site is intentionally void of extra content. Poster Cabaret is simple by design; the focus remains on posters, prints and artists.

Originally started as a concert poster sales site, Poster Cabaret has expanded its selection to include many types of illustrated prints by artists such as Charley Harper, Aesthetic Apparatus, and Diana Sudyka.

The concert poster used to be a take-home reminder of a teenager's wild night, but the artform has expanded to include some phenomenal illustration work printed with the most innovative processes. Have a look at Poster Cabaret to see what we mean. You'll find things that even the most sophisticated adult would be happy to have on his bedroom walls.